YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Now Officially The Most Disliked Video On The Internet!

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Now Officially The Most Disliked Video On The Internet
Courtesy: Variety

It is official everyone, the shameful crown of most disliked video on the internet is now taken over by YouTube Rewind 2018. Even the most enthusiastic fans of YouTube have detested it. YouTube is the place where records of most views and likes are set. But unfortunately this time YouTube failed to foresee how viewers would react to their yearly creation. Fans took the opportunity to troll YouTube like never before and they didn’t even spare the Hollywood glare. There is a lot to talk about this inoffensive yet terrible joke that YouTube has successfully pulled so stay with us.

What Is YouTube Rewind?

YouTube rewind is, in a nutshell, “yearly celebration of content created on YouTube”. Basically, YouTube releases a video every year to recognize the efforts that YouTube artists put in making content. It was all started in 2010 so this makes YouTube rewind 2018 9th year of this annual tradition. This year’s rewind was premiered on 6th December by YouTube Spotlight.

Why YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Disliked So Much?

Now all of you might be wondering what can go wrong with YouTube’s own video. This part is quite interesting because there are lots of factors that contributed to this disaster. Fact is that YouTube Portal A has produced it and nearly a hundred YouTube celebrities performed in the video. The idea was to celebrate this year’s rewind by giving control to everyone. That is why the video title includes “Everyone Controls Rewind”. But the overwhelming amount of animation makes it hard for the older audience to watch it properly. That’s why it’s been rated PG 13 by many as a troll. Another big defect was the improper storyline. This year’s rewind has literally no storyline except the short Will Smith part in the start. It has also been dubbed by many as the weirdest video YouTube has ever made. That is because of poor scripting and execution because the majority of stars were not actors but from a different genre.

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Now Officially The Most Disliked Video On The Internet
Courtesy: CNBC

No PewDiePie

YouTube Spotlight neither invited nor included the most subscribed individual channel “pewdiepie” and that is also a factor. After all, 77 million subscribers of pewdiepie are the real catalyst even if a small proportion of them disliked. Pewdiepie quickly posted his review on the rewind and he concluded it as a disaster. The video then crossed 10 million dislikes overnight becoming the most disliked video on the internet so far.

How Many Dislikes Are We Talking About?

YouTube rewind 2018 has 13 million dislikes till this day and counting. It is amazing how it quickly got to 140 million views less than two weeks. It’s probably due to the giant fan following of YouTubeRewind. Still, it lacks 76 million views than YouTube rewind 2017 which is being reviewed continuously by fans for hilarious comments. Stats show that dislike percentage of rewind 2016 is 15% and that of 2017 is 50%. To top all that, 82% of people didn’t like the most disliked video on the internet which clearly explains all the fuss.

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Now Officially The Most Disliked Video On The Internet
Courtesy: TNW

Other Most Disliked Videos On YouTube

Pewdiepie’s most disliked video has over 3.7 million dislikes entering it into the most disliked club. Call of duty also entered this prestigious club (pun intended) with infinite warfare trailer getting over 3.7 million dislikes. Jake Paul’s video titled “it’s everyday bro” was aimed at other You Tubers who quickly made it part of history with 4 million dislikes. Now for the second most disliked video on the internet, that is Justin Bieber’s music video “Baby” which has over 9.9 million dislikes.

YouTube Rewind 2018 was all in all a very unpleasant video which focused mainly on geographically famous trends. Most of the figures weren’t even famous outside their country. Last year was a lesson for YouTube when rewind got 2 million dislikes but they didn’t heed to it. Such feedback was thus bound to happen. YouTube is a diverse community where viewers can express their feedbacks quite freely. The title of the most disliked video on the internet can’t be spared even when Hollywood stars are in it. This gives a glimpse and a lesson that they should focus on the quality of their largest annual celebration.