Parents! Now You Can Control What Your Children Watch On YouTube

Parents! Now You Can Control What Your Children Watch On YouTube
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Technology like everything else has it’s pro and cons. In this age of technology, parents have a responsibility to be extra careful about the usage of electronic devices by their children. One of the biggest dilemma is to control what your children watch on YouTube. Beware! YouTube videos can be deceptive but YouTube Kids is trying to help the parents.

YouTube Kids

YouTube was being used to target children by making videos that on the surface seem children friendly, but the content inside was malicious and not suitable for children. This is why YouTube Kids was launched, but the goal of the app was not met, YouTube Kids failed in complying with its own policies. Many inappropriate clips were not filtered and popped on screen as suggestions for children.

You can now handpick the videos and know what your children watch on YouTube

Keeping the concern of parents in mind, YouTube has launched a new feature that lets parents whitelist or approve videos and channels they are sourced from, before children can access it. Every video can be handpicked by parents, thus allowing them to decide what is appropriate for their child and what is not.

YouTube Kids is letting you control what your children watch on YouTube
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The iOS users will have to wait a little to use this feature, but Android users can now use the YouTube Kids app in all regions.

The feature is user friendly and easy to set, just follow this process:

  1. To enable this feature, go to YouTube’s settings on your device.
  2. Select “approved content only” option from your child’s user profile.
  3. After that, add the channels or the videos that you want to whitelist.

The “approved content only” option, when selected, restricts the app’s search function too. Once you have opted for this setting, what the children can view, will be directed and controlled by you.

Parents can now control what their children watch on YouTube by YouTube Kids
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YouTube Kids failed initially so it is modified now

YouTube Kids has faced issues before too, where the content on screen, including ads were not age appropriate. Content that was supposed to be tailored for children, has adult content including sex, violence and conspiracy theories on it.

There was also a major incident where a porno ad appeared on a number of videos that were aimed at children. This prompted YouTube to take extra steps to ensure the protection of children by giving parents more control over what their children watch on YouTube.

Parents can also take in to account playlists curated by trusted partners, such as Sesame Street and PBS Kids.

It has been nearly 4 years since YouTube Kids was first launched and they have continued to make improvements. You can now select content for kids aged 8 to 12 and select the ‘older’ option that has targeted age appropriate content based on the child’s choices such as music, cartoon and games.

While YouTube is trying its level best to make itself safe for children, parents need to be vigilant and mindful too and keep the track of what your children watch on YouTube.