Now You Can Win Upto $50,000 With Xiaomi Photography Challenge!

xiaomi photography challenge 2018
Courtesy: Mi Community

Xiaomi is playing it cool in the marketing and promotion department. Boasting the advanced camera features, Xiaomi introduced a photography challenge. Against the same old drill, you are required to take pictures and edit them by using the Xiaomi mobile device and editing features provided by Xiaomi. The participants of Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018 will be disqualified if they are found using any mobile camera except Xiaomi and even the use of a professional camera can disqualify you from the contest!

Terms & Conditions Of Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018

There are various categories specified on the term and condition page of Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018 so you have to go through them to understand the minutes of the contest.  While submitting your photos, make sure you select the perfect category related to your photos. The categories are mentioned below:

  • Natural Look

This category mainly includes selfies and portraits.

  • Piece Of The World

Candidates have to take photos of nature, still life, cities, and travel.

  • Dreamscape

This category is all about night scenes, low night photos, and shadows.

  • Why So Serious:

This category is the showcase of lifestyle, humor and new perspectives.

xiaomi photography challenge 2018
Courtesy: Mi Community

All The Details You Need To Know About Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018

Xiaomi is focused on improving its product and includes the best and latest features in its smartphones. You can experience almost same feature as high-end giants of the mobile industry and that too in comparatively lower price! Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018 is an ideal promotional strategy to make the users experience the high-end feature of Xiaomi!

It is easy to participate in the contest by uploading photos (taken by Xiaomi camera) to official Xiaomi Website before the midnight of 22 November 2018.

The details regarding the event are as follows:

  • The deadline for the submission is 22 November 2018.
  • Click the category tab to select the specific genre you want to submit photos for.
  • Register on the website by providing your contact details and other information.
  • The image should get 3 likes to qualify for the contest.
  • The Evaluation process will start from 26 November 2018 and professional photographer will go through every image and shortlist 100 candidates, 25- participants per category
  • After finalizing the 100 participants, the fun will begin as the voting stage will be initiated. The voting will start from 27 November.

Requirements Of The Competition

To get an entry in this mega photography challenge, you need to take all of your photos by using Xiaomi Smartphone (any model). While editing your photos keep in mind that you can only use Xiaomi Phone’s built-in phone editor, you are not allowed to use any third party app or any other platform. Other requirements of the Xiaomi Photography Competition 2018 are as follows.

  1. Provide EXIF information with each photo.
  2. Size of every photo should be between 300KB to 10MB.
  3. Maximum 6 photographs can be uploaded by the participants.
  4. Submission after the deadline will not be entertained.
  5. In case of getting shortlisted, you need to provide the proof that you have taken those photos by Xiaomi Phone along with other information.
  6. For participating there’s no registration fee but on the other side, you need to agree with the event’s term and conditions to be part of it.

Let’s Talk About The Grand Prize!

Xiaomi is offering three mega prizes to different participants of Xiaomi Photography Challenge 2018.  The judges will select one participant from each category to award a USD 10,000 prize. USD 2,000 will be awarded to the second place winners and third place winner will be awarded a USD 500 prize! The winners will be selected by the event’s judges and the voting so you can ask your friends and family to vote for you.