Women Wrangle a Roadway Towards Egalitarianism in Pakistani Society

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Suppressed by impoverishment, dopiness, the subjugation of an oppressive administration and currently, the truculent assault of sanctimonious fundamentalism, the Pakistani women surely bear a hefty cross. What aspiration does a woman have in such a society? Think and you all women out there will come across a familiar answer and that is we can “breathe” without any remote diminution. This is veracious as long as a woman is alive.

Women Wrangle a Roadway Towards Egalitarianism in Pakistani Society

The vicinity in today’s contemporary world is that we women have to remind our so-called protectors (men) that we too deserve equal rights. We have the right to property, we can do jobs, and even we can decide what is good or bad for us. If a man needs personal space then women also deserve the same thing. Do give us freedom and liberty. Understand this thing that a woman is a human being too. Do not put restrictions and snatch all her freedom away. She did not come in this world to do all your house chores and wait for you all day long.

Women Wrangle a Roadway Towards Egalitarianism in Pakistani Society

Even after waiting for you she has to go through all those tantrums. Is this what she deserves? Sharpen your memory and check what chronicles state. They do tell very clearly that in every society women have left no stones unturned. She has surely played an immense supportive, caring, leadership and a true bread earners role. Remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”.

More Endurance: Urban or Rural Pakistani Women?

What the rural counterpart must be thinking that their urban women counterparts are enjoying their life and they are free from all problems? But this thing is not true ladies. Your urban sister is facing several difficulties which a rural counterpart may not be aware of. It does not matter if a woman belongs to a well-off family (only a few give liberty and freedom) she is still being told that you do not need to study anymore. She is being reminded again and again that it is time to get you married off. Yes, people, this is being done again and again. Do not worry if a rural woman is forced to get married the same happens with an urban woman too. Choosing a life partner for oneself is considered a big crime in Pakistan. We talk about equal opportunities in education. But we all lie because our daughters are well-educated only to show-off people. When she will say you that she loves someone you will make her life miserable. A woman is just a puppet for most of you guys out there.

One might be thinking that they are well-qualified and what about their dream jobs that once they planned off. Girls it will all go in vain. Yes, you heard it right because at the end everyone will say you that you have to take care of your husband, mother-in-law and do different house chores. There may be few women who will not agree with this statement but for others it is true.

A girl who is always smiling looks elegant is the one who has gone through all pain. But still, she accepts all the challenges and never fails to impress her in-laws too. This is because she has been trained this way. The so-called “Pakistani norms” taught her this. It is rightly said by Jim Carey that

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

My heart cries out when girls are unable to achieve what they dreamt of. But you do not have to lose hope. This is your life. Stop carrying that entire burden, speak out and you girls will rule the world. You have the potential and you will achieve whatever you have been dreaming of. Whether it is a forced marriage, you are well-qualified and you are just kept in jail (in-home 24/7) just speak up for yourself once. This is all that matters. If you will not do it for yourself do not except that anyone will ever do it for you.