Why Pakistani Schools Need to Equip ERP Education Software?

ERP education software
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Educational institutes are an essential part of any society because they make children into what they become after growing up. The foundation of everything a child is, is laid by the educational institutes. Schools or any other educational institute is responsible for helping kids make their dreams into reality, nurturing their potential and making them into better human beings. The management software such as ERP can help the schools to manage the operations in an effective manner.

To make the children better in every aspect, the schools need to have the perfect managing tool for their institutes. Technology is advancing very rapidly and now there is no value of manual work anymore. Pakistan too is moving towards technology slowly and our new generation depends vastly on technology. So, here are some very prominent reasons as to why Pakistani schools should have management software in this age of technology.

Reasons for schools to have ERP

To Manage Online Exams:

If you run a large institution, then conducting exams will be very tiring because examinations require a lot of paperwork, planning, and energy. Everything has to be done in a short amount of time, and it makes the teachers as well as the administration angry, tired and easily annoyed. The examination goes beyond just setting the exam paper and marking those papers; instead, it also requires the teachers to keep a record of the student’s progress manually which is tiresome and requires a lot of paper. If the same examination were managed by ERP software, then it wouldn’t be much of a hassle like exams held in FAST University of computer and emerging sciences and IBA.

To Mitigate Communication Gap

we shouldn’t forget that teachers are humans just like the rest of us, and sometimes they suffer from communication gap with the parents in PTMs because they get tired of dealing with so many parents and also because they face problems of making the parents understand their points because of language barrier. The result is that the parents think the PTM was useless, and the teacher finds no improvement in the progress of the student. A right solution for this problem is the ERP software where the teacher can record the progress and issues of the student for parents to read and go through. Via the ERP, parents can get weekly report on their kid’s progress.

To Track Fees Submission

Fee submission is a painful process in Pakistan for parents and sometimes the students. The parents miss their office hours, or the students miss their classes to pay the fees and then keep a small slip safe as evidence of fee submission.it is a tiring activity which if computerized, won’t be such a tedious activity. If the school has the proper system; then parents can make the payment online from home or office, the student won’t have to miss the classes, and they can also keep track of past payments without saving the slips. The school can also keep track of fees easily.

To Manage Attendance

Attendance is taken to make sure that the students actually attended the classes. At the end of the term; it is determined whether or not the student has 70% attendance and whether he will be allowed to give the exams. Writing down Attendance on a register and maintaining them can be time consuming and also waste paper; instead, if the school has a good software; students can mark their Attendance themselves as they enter school.