Waseem Akhtar Shouted, “Oh My, Namaloom Afraad” It’s Called Karma And Pronounced As HA-HA-HA!!!

Waseem Akhtar Quote and namaloom afraad

The little birdie told me that Waseem Akhtar is having some problems with namaloom afraad. I mean, Jaani What The F*CK.

Oh, My Headline!

Each day, a Karachitte fears of being robbed and mugged, and the following day, the newspapers are filled with headlines and news stories of incidents of such sort. Many journalists, police reports, intelligence agencies, and politicians have accused MQM for backing such namaloom afraad people. If that’s the reality, then mind you, Akhter has fell prey to the political goons of his own party.

How it Happened?

My mayor, Waseem Akhtar was heading to somewhere along Defence area of the metropolis, seated comfortably in a government vehicle. Obviously, it was Toyota Corolla, who the heck would think of less than that. On Saturday, nearby, Khayaban-e-Bokhari, this black baby named JS-999 got snatched at gun-point. Whattay Weekend my Mayor had. At the time, it was snatched, Akhter was not there. Now, such afraad will be so much apologetic saying:

“Bhai, you weren’t there, and maa qasam, we didn’t know that was your car” 

What’s Next for Waseem Akhtar?

As usual, since he is not a common man like you and me, a free FIR on notice got to be launched against namaloom afraad. My mayor said, “should be launched”. Are you noting the swag? Its dangerous. Hey, wait, you haven’t heard the actual killing mayor-like attitude. One car snatched, and boom, the SHO Darakshan Police Station was issued a suspension notice by the DIG South. I mean, DIG must be saying:

“Let’s pull the socks baby, something needs to be done now.”

Poor you SHO, my condolences with you.

Who to Blame?

I am sorry I can’t be more civic in my communication when it comes to the earlier version of MQM to its masqueraded form now – nothing is glittery. From a linguistic based hate mongering party called “Mahajir Qomi Movement” to “Mutehda Qomi Movement” to adding Pakistan after that – how many times this banned, once and again, will disguise its terror and wrongful activities under convincing and appealing names.

I am doomed.

Who can forget the 12 May incident, the 90s operation, and what else? I mean I am completely sure they are not representing the Mahajir or Urdu-speaking class of Karachi. I have a great-friendly acquaintance with people who are proud of their identity as “Mahajir”, but on cultural day, we wear Ajrak, show our loyalty to the land of Sindh, shout out Pakistan Zindabad, dance on Ho Jamalo, and couldn’t control our nerves on Patriotic Songs. I am more disturbed and devasted to see this political party, who has brought nothing but shame to Pakistan every time, is calling out themselves as the party of such a lively people of Karachi. The heck, they are crazy.

See you Never, Alligator!

I am sorry, I have lost my tolerance. From bringing in Namaloom Afraad, Bori Band Lashay, Bhatta Khori, Countless Strikes for Nothing, Terrorist Activities, and RAW connections to perpetuating derogatory remarks against my State and Army, I can’t even bear this party existing in any form. Above all that, I can’t tolerate seeing them using the Muhajirs to get attention. This time, all the communities of Karachi have rejected you (Yes I am talking about you Waseem Akhtar), this shows Karachittes are totally against this “Lassani Siyasat” and united they are for the betterment of the city of lights, freedom, modernity, and cosmopolitan attire.

My Message to Waseem Sahab

Had you not defended the “Bhai”, you would not be facing such incident. I mean seriously labelling a leader “Bhai” seems like a gang leader of an old Bollywood movie and Waseem Akhtar did just that! What were they up for is another story, and seriously, I am not interested, and I am sure neither are you. Well, it is true power is power, and when someone has it and faces a blow, he recalls all the responsibilities of a state, like you said sir, “FIR should be lodged”. Instead of sending such remarks, work for the police reforms, present your proposals, and debate in prestigious Provincial Assembly. Crying over a spilled milk cannot lead us to anywhere, rather constructive work to build a prosperous future will. For the love of God, when will our politicians keep their linguistic and nationalistic approach aside to build common grounds for the betterment of the nation. I am dreaming it, let’s dream together and be hopeful to see it materialized.

Sorry not Sorry, your car snatched, so ours – the citizens of Karachi – and we have been complaining, trying to launch FIR by paying unnecessary bribes, and you didn’t say anything because you and your party supported those namaloom afraad. I am hearing the rumors of miscommunication and whatelse! I am sure, you will get your car back while we DON’T!!! Blames wouldn’t work now, rather what actually is being done will. Still, accept our condolences for such a bogus security in the region under your Mayor-ship or as you say that you don’t have ikhtiyaarat. One question though, if you don’t have ikhtiyaarat, why don’t you leave the position?

Waseem Akhtar Quote and namaloom afraad
Courtesy: Twitter

So stop wailing about it! It is Karma or as I like to call it “returning the favor” because it doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve!!!!