The World’s Largest Automobile Company, Volkswagen Is Coming To Pakistan!

Volkswagen in Pakistan in collaboration with Premier Motors Ltd Collaboration
Courtesy: PakWheels

The German Global Automotive front-runner Volkswagen is set to storm Pakistan’s automotive market and is bringing along a bulky foreign investment into Pakistan. The talks about Volkswagen in Pakistan have finally been confirmed as the firm has signed the final legal agreement with their local partner Premier Motors Ltd.

Agreement With Premier Motors Ltd

The agreement will provide Premier Motors the license from Volkswagen to assemble CKD units in Karachi. Volkswagen in Pakistan will be a huge tide shift as Volkswagen essentially being the “People’s Car” has a lot to offer and appeal to the local public. This venture will result in hefty incentives for both the parties involved as the Government offers special incentives for the new entries into the market and will bring in more diversity and choices for the people. All in all, this is very encouraging for the building economy of Pakistan.

Volkswagen in Pakistan in collaboration with Premier Motors Ltd Collaboration
Courtesy: ProPakistani

Followed by a lengthy speculation this collaboration is deemed to be a breakthrough into Pakistan’s automotive market, stirring up the competition along with a boost to the economy. It has also made into the headlines that Volkswagen might be setting up a manufacturing plant for its Amarok and T6 multi-van vehicles in Pakistan. The news of Volkswagen coming into Pakistan has been readily welcomed at all fronts and the country is now in anticipation of this business enterprise running successfully throughout Pakistan. The previous Prime Minister of Pakistan in his meeting with the Volkswagen board member Dr. Joseph Baumert has ensured the later of their full support for their flourishing entry into Pakistan’s automotive industry and also about providing the required facilities and security to the firm.

This has been seen as a favorable new development as the local industries are working at their maximum potential and yet the demand is significantly exceeding the supply. The number of car users is increasing sharply every year and the trend can be foreseen to continue in the years to come thus heavy benefits are expected to flow in for both the parties.

What Makes Volkswagen Standout?

The Volkswagen cars are known for their high performance, efficient fuel consumption, and high-end designs. These cars have a unique visual appeal and offer impressive features and functionality making them very popular cars with customers ranging from everyday users to professional car racers. The Volkswagen cars continue to top the bestseller lists from the very beginning including the Beetle which was a huge success and is termed as the bestselling automobile in the whole world.

Volkswagen in Pakistan in collaboration with Premier Motors Ltd Collaboration
Courtesy: Volkswagen of Midland Odessa

The Volkswagen has evolved into a giant in the automotive industry while staying true to their core characteristic ethic and continues to grow and make profits. The introduction of these high-end cars in the markets of Pakistan (with the collaboration of Premier Motors Ltd) will be a huge attraction for the local and foreign investors thus Volkswagen in Pakistan is expected to be a massive success.

Volkswagen in Pakistan is a dream come true moment for the car enthusiasts as they eagerly await the upcoming innovative and creative new additions in the automobile industry of Pakistan.