Here Is Why Vivo Y95 Is Being Called The Best Vivo Phone So Far!

Vivo Y95 2018 is one of the best vivo phone so far!
Courtesy: Gadget Match

Vivo is a technology company which came into existence in 2009. Originating in China, over time they have managed to make a name for themselves and the proof of that is the latest Vivo Phone, the Vivo Y95. Released alongside two other phones, the Vivo Y95 2018 has managed to impress users in a short span of time, thanks to the wide variety of features that it offers.

The Screen Size

The Vivo Y95 boasts a screen which measures a massive 6.22 inches. While this may not appeal to everyone, the Vivo Phone is trying to change their customers’ likes by bringing a phone which is bigger than the average phone.

A phone with this screen size has its advantages along with their being an even greater demand for larger screens, which the Vivo Y95 2018 aims to fulfill. As we have started using our phones for more and more activities, it only makes sense for us to have greater space to work with.

All relevant details of the Vivo Phone are summarized here:

The Camera

While discussing the merits and demerits of any phone, it is impossible to not discuss the camera and the same applies here as we elaborate on the specs of the Vivo Y95. This Vivo Phone is equipped with a rear camera with dual lens, with resolutions of 13 and 2 Megapixels. Additionally, the Vivo Y95 2018 has a selfie camera with an impressive resolution of 20 Megapixels. Coupled with that, the camera is also equipped with artificial intelligence.

Many companies have started to add this feature to their gadgets, and Vivo hasn’t stayed behind. Through this feature, your pictures will meet your demands.

Don’t forget Jovi, the AI Assistant in the Vivo Y95 which can make your experience incomparable to before, as advertised by the company:

Vivo Y95 Is A Good Bargain!

In Pakistan, the Vivo Y95 is currently being sold at a price of 35,000 Rupees. Looking at the features this Vivo Phone offers, it is a pretty solid bargain. Other than the already discussed attributes of the phone, the Vivo Y95 2018 brings additional features to the users.

Fingerprint, light and proximity sensors can be found in this phone. The internal storage measures 64 GB, similar to other high-quality gadgets. The display of the Vivo Y95 is supposed to be better than previous models owing to it having Adreno 505 GPU.

Keeping all the above-mentioned in details, I am sure you also agree that the Vivo Y95 2018 can rank amongst the best phones of the year.