Vivo V11 Pro Is Creating A Buzz For All The Right Reasons!

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As you embark on a search for a new phone, it is imperative to do your research thoroughly and choose the best from the lot. A gadget which is a strong contender to be amongst the best phones in the new releases, the Vivo V11 Pro has all the features which can make this the phone you invest in. Using new software and enhanced technology, the Vivo V11 2018 has made its’ mark soon after its release and here’s why.

Fingerprint Scanning

Numerous gadgets from different companies have tried to incorporate this feature into their innovations. So what is so different about the Vivo V11 Pro? Well, the fingerprint scanner is beneath the display, thus being hidden from view and giving an impressive look to the phone overall. Not only that but the Vivo V11 2018 has a scanner which works smoothly and unlocks your phone immediately, without any bothersome lags, making it a joy to use.

Vivo V11 Pro, Vivo V11 2018
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Innovative Design

The Vivo V11 Pro has been designed to please. With a screen size of 16.29 inches, this phone is the perfect size to give you the widest access to the screen. Coupled with this, the Vivo V11 2018 has a Super AMOLED Display, making users feel like the screen will come out and jump at them, albeit in a good way.

Additionally, VIVO has attempted to attract consumers further with a back display which isn’t a single color but instead a 3D fusion color, thus making the phone look extremely chic and elegant.

Released on September 9th in Pakistan, the Vivo V11 2018 has received a warm welcome by consumers.

Impressive Camera

Now, the part that you all have probably been the most interested in: the Vivo V11 Pro camera. The primary camera flaunts a dual camera with an aperture lens of 12 Megapixels and a depth sensor of 5 Megapixel. With these advanced features, the camera allows you to take high-quality pictures in the night or in dim light, a feature which is quite attractive to most consumers.

The secondary camera of the Vivo V11 2018 doesn’t disappoint either. With a 25 Megapixels resolution sensor, this camera can do no wrong. Along with its AI recognition capabilities, the selfies you take with this phone are bound to come out looking like they should be in a magazine.

The above average camera quality along with the screen of the Vivo V11 pro make for a great viewing experience, as the company has said:

Fast Charging

The Vivo V11 Pro has a battery of 3400mAh, large enough to be good on its own. However, to make this even better the company has incorporated the Vivo Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology which is designed to charge the Vivo V11 2018 at rapid speeds allowing consumers to use their phones for the longest time without having to stop for charging breaks. Plus, you don’t need to work about things like overheating as the phone has inbuilt protective systems as well.

Vivo V11 Pro, Vivo V11 2018
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From the heading, I’m sure you don’t know what it implies. Jovi is the Vivo V11 Pro’s AI Assistant. This feature is one which is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses, owing to the ease it offers and people want phones which have an AI Assistant in their phones. To meet this demand, the company has equipped the Vivo V11 2018 with its very own AI Assistant, thus bringing something completely new to the table, which wasn’t seen in previous models.

Through such creativity and intelligence, the company has brought a phone which is making waves in the market.