Virat Kohli – Record-Breaker Savage of Cricket!

Virat Kohli - A story of success
Virat Kohli

A Glance on His First Entry in Cricket World

One can still remember the 2006 Match of Ranchi, where a young lad came with commitment. The promise that is told and retold in several motivational sessions and it is not limited to the cricket world. The charisma that became the example. For those who are not aware of it, it will surely give you goosebumps. This is the success story of Virat Kohli!

The start of the struggle - Virat Kohli
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A boy who just was about to experience his first ever match at mainstream level was facing a tense and emotional situation for his father was on death bed. However, his commitment to cricket and sports was divine, and anything couldn’t stop him this time – a long cherished dream that he envisioned with his father. He got the news that his father died, but the inner him urged this boy to play on the field and he conquered it with 90 runs and called “out” with a wrong decision.

The journey of Virat Kohli from 18th to 1st Batsman is the reflection of his achievements in the cricket world.
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Knowing the emotional disturbance, he was going through, this peak is an incomparable achievement. He devoted this match to his father – what an amazing tribute.

“The bat is not a toy. It’s a weapon. It gives me everything in life.”

Virat Kohli not only said it, he meant it.

Batsman #18 to Batsman #1

From that time onwards, this 5/6 athlete of Indian team registered as batsman #18 turned out to be number #1 on field. If I will start the history of his records and him making and breaking them; it will definitely need your several page-scrolling. I will try to save you from that, because obviously you are aware. For your information, I would remind you of one thing that will surely fix-up the curiosity you might be facing. 

Virat Kohli scored 20 centuries in ODI matches in just 132 innings by breaking the record of former captain Tendulkar who made the same centuries in 197 innings; thereby, making him the king of captains, if I say the least for his admiration. He has also the standing of having highest ODI runs (183) which he knocked against Pakistan with smashing boundary shots in Asia Cup.

Virat Kohli has also the standing of having highest ODI runs (183).
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Note that no any batsman in the planet has ever scored this run against Pakistan. Keeping aside the India-Pakistan match battle instincts, which is hard but if I try, Virat Kohli deserves a victory-bow.

Awesome Fact: Virat attained the value of 120 million-dollar in 2017, which is greater than Messi

The Latest Record of Virat Kohli!

This last Wednesday, Virat Kohli smashed another record. In Nottingham, he scored 203 runs against England. The stadium at Trent Bridge roared when the announcement was made. This double-century is not the first time in test matches, he named for himself such achievement seven-times in a victorious setting. With that, he succeeded Don Bradman and Rick Ponting who were able to make 200s only six-times. The test series has 5 matches, 2 done and 3 remaining. Let’s see what else he has planned.

Overall, the batsman never come slow on his following. From showing middle-finger to the crowd to winning his fans by breaking records, as well as shocking everyone and inciting them with jealousy by marrying one of the finest beauties of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma – only Virat Kohli knows how to do it. On the other hand, who would care of restricting the commercials whilst analyzing their impacts on society? Virat Kohli does.

Courtesy: Bhaskar

A few years back, he refused to promote any products that have consequences on health, such as Pepsi. However, after he got to know the use of harmful chemicals in beauty products, he refused to partake in any promotional advertisements marketing fairness creams. In South Asia, his such steps are unique of its kind.

Nothing coming out from him now is so astonishing because obviously it is Virat Kohli. He is a role-model for younger generation, he is an influencer and the inspiration behind various success stories in Pakistan!