Twitter Redesign – Simpler Navigation And Inventive Features

Courtesy: Tubular Insight

Twitter has been testing its new version of desktop website since the beginning of 2019 and has recently rolled out the latest upgrade to the public. The website has got a major overhaul that simplifies user-experience with its all new effortless prominent navigation on the left sidebar that directs the users directly to all the available options including Twitter’s key sections, notifications, explore, bookmarks and direct messages. Not only that, Twitter redesign features an expanded version of Direct Messages similar to inbox screen where the users can view and respond conversation in one place. Other major upgrades include different themes, advanced searches and convenient profile switching.
The website upgrade comes with all the popular dark modes, Dim and the very black lights out mode to facilitate the users. Twitter has also introduced different themes and color options for the users to personalize the website.

Courtesy: Tech Crunch

However, one of the most perceptible changes among all the Twitter redesign is the overall layout and organization structure of the Twitter home screen. The entire website upgradation has an objective to make navigation simpler and easy for the users. Previously, users have to click on the profile icon to access features like Lists, settings and themes etc. However, the users can access Moments both via the profile drop-down menu as well as in the main Twitter navigation present at the top of the screen.
In the latest version, the Moments has now been downgraded to the “More” menu and Explore has been upgraded to the top of the website. In the mobile version of Twitter, explore directs users to more live videos and local moments. Similarly now, this version has explore where users find featured top trends on the right-hand sidebar of the home screen. Twitter has finally added more than a year-old bookmarks features to the desktop’s main navigation.
Twitter redesign updated navigation menu includes:
• Home
• Explore
• Notifications
• Messages
• Bookmarks
• Lists
• Profile
• More
Twitter has also tweaked the new Compose feature with options to include photo, GIF, poll and emoji available in the bottom left corner. Twitter has decided to swap the location button with emoji button due to lack of use of sharing precise location.
The new home screen in latest version is definitely more organized than the previous one but there is a drawback to this. As the enhanced navigation text and the amount of screen real estate has taken up quite a large space so it becomes more of detraction for the users from the main content i.e., the Tweets. The oversized navigation labels draw attention of the users’ eyes towards them rather than the original posts present on the timeline.
The users can make the overall webpage smaller in order to reduce the navigation label’s size but then the text disappears leaving only their icons. This is not a real useful solution when Twitter is being used alongside other tabs. Therefore, the users have to open Twitter into another singular window.
Anyhow, we have been critical about the navigation menu size but we should appreciate the added feature of double-paned Direct Message section that gives the same feeling of using a real inbox with message list on the left and conversation on the right. For the people using multiple Twitter accounts, they can easily switch between them from the main navigation.
Twitter is aiming to ensure reliable and unified users’ experience on desktop and on phone. The upgraded look of Twitter is going to be rolled out globally and there is no option for the old-school Twitter users to revert to the older version.