Travel Diaries – Makeup Tips For The Journey

Travelling can be very stressful, especially in today’s day and age when pictures and usage of social media is very common. You constantly update your social network and so you have to look picture perfect. When you get ready to travel, you need to ensure that you look pretty at the same time you are super comfortable. So don’t dread that sixteen hour flight, let us help you look pretty throughout with the help of these simple makeup tips. Here are some tips that will help you look amazing while being able to travel in comfort.

Travel Diaries - Makeup Tips For The Journey

Less is more

To start off, wear minimal makeup, especially if the journey is long. Start with clean skin, put on a light weight moisturizer and then put a good quality primer. Primers will help hold your makeup in place for longer hours. Use a good concealer to cover dark circles, black spots and discoloration. Then make sure to top that with translucent powder. The point of skipping heavy bases be it moose, sticks or liquid is that they don’t last for long. If you really want to apply a base and feel that you can do without it, then apply some but always remember that less is more. Once you are done with the look, top with a setting spray. This will make your makeup more durable.

Remove your makeup before sleep

When travelling, you are bound to sleep at some point, which will lead to your makeup coming off. When we sleep, our facial pores excrete more sebum. Best is to wash off your makeup before sleeping and to apply it after you get up. Another alternate if to pack a few essentials in your purse. A concealer, lipstick and translucent face powder should do the trick. Keep a lipstick in red or pink, you can not only apply it to your lips, but you can use it as blush too! Just dab some lipstick on to your cheek, blend well and dust lightly with translucent powder. Make sure you keep very few makeup items in your purse, because travelling light is the best way.

Consider the possible environment

Try to pack makeup considering the climate of your destination. If you are going to bask in the sun, go for the products that last longer like stick foundation as they last longer compared to the liquid foundations. Sunscreen is a must if you want to enjoy slumbering under the sun!

Follow these tips and you will be able to get through that long flight while looking picture perfect at all times and don’t forget about the basic skin care regime!