We Calculated Total Words Of Mamnoon Hussain As President – So You Don’t Have To!

Mamnoon Hussain Meme

We got our new President so it’s time to talk about the Ex! He is known as the Most Silent President of Pakistan. Yes, we are talking about none other than our very own “President Mamnoon Hussain”! If I say I have never EVER witness a more silent or invisible president, it won’t be untrue. Sometimes I even forget that we have a president!

The latest briefing to media in London Airport cost him 38 words! We are sorry you have to open your mouth, move the facial muscles, and actually move the tongue to speak. How hard it must have been for you.. How tiring!! and for that “Hum Sharminda Hain!!!

“Allah ka Qanoon hai, Jo bad-unwani karta hai, wo pakra jata hai.. Aur mein ihtesab ka qayal hun, ihtasab hona chahiye!”

While he was in London, he went to ‘”, yes you got that right, the same infamous London Flats! And guess what? He spoke.. Again… We will tire the poor guy with our questions!!

Ayadat karne aye thay, wo kar k ja rahay hain!

So he visit the flats and met Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz! Boy there was sever backlash on social media!

And then there was his interview with Aaj News in which he was grilled by the anchor! I wonder which energy drink he had because the man can speak. Trust me I have proof that Mamnoon Hussain answered the questions and the approximate number of words is 540!

Then there were speeches on Independence day roughly 1000 words, multiplied by 5, we get 5000 words so the calculation shows that our President Mamnoon Hussain, in his 5 year tenure uttered less that 10,000 words!!! You need time to absorb this AND I am still shocked!!!

His silence didn’t prevent the meme attack and he alteast entertained us in the forms of memes and jokes. Trust me, there was hundreds!

As a tribute to barely-there-president, I have compiled the list of jokes and memes!

The Parade Day Reference

Mamnoon Hussain Meme
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Another Parade Day Reference

Mamnoon Hussain Is Alive!

And Here Is The Biology Student!

Then There Was BOL News Joke

Mamnoon Hussain meme
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How Can We Forget The Crush Meme!

mamnoon Hussain Meme
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Ufff Choti Choti Khushiyaan!!

Mamnoon Hussain meme
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Classic Game Of Thrones Piece

Mamnoon Hussain meme
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Yes, They Went There!

Mamnoon Hussain
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I can’t say that I am going to miss President Mamnoon Hussain, because we are used to see him once or twice every year and our new president is active on Twitter. If you have more memes, I would love to see them…