You Can Go To These Top 5 Hospitals For Your Annual Checkups Without Claiming Bankruptcy!

Top hospitals in Pakistan

In Pakistan the concept of regular checkups is not very common whether it is physical health or mental health! Until one feels the need to do visit a doctor due to sickness or physical discomfort, we don’t even think of our health care. Regular checkups, tests and physical exams can ensure that you are diagnosed in time before a health issue gets out of hand. With health problems being diagnosed early, you have a better chance of treatment and cure, which contributes to a longer life span and healthier life. It is ideal to keep the number of these top hospitals in Pakistan on your speed dial not only for annual checkups but also for emergency situation!

If you are new to regular annual checkups, then you might need to understand the right type of services you need. There are different types of screenings, treatments and tests that can help you lead a healthy life in the long run. Some common tests people take include: Breast and Cervical Cancer, Early Detection Cholesterol, Colorectal Cancer Screening, High Blood Pressure, Immunization Schedules, Oral Health for Adults, Prostate Cancer Screening, Skin Cancer, Viral, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

Top hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: Harvard Health

Good health care in Pakistan is generally expensive, but none the less essential. The public health care sector performs very poorly, government run hospitals have all the factors for worst possible health care and many government run hospitals are ghost hospitals. An alternate is private hospitals and a few NGO and welfare charitable organizations such as Kiran Hospital in Karachi, or Shaukat Khanum.

Here are top hospitals in Pakistan that charge the minimum to free for checkups and hence should be visited for regular health care visits.

1. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

The announcement was made in 1994 and since then, this hospital has come a long was, spreading throughout different cities of Pakistan and ace the list of top hospitals in Pakistan. Founded by Imran Khan, as an ode to his mother, this hospital has had tremendous celebrity support, not just in Pakistan, but stars from across the border like Amitabh Bachan have also showed support for this venture. This was one of the first well established cancer hospitals; other specialization based hospitals like SIUT have followed its lead. With the rising number of cancer patients, this NGO has proven to be a blessing for millions. Almost 75 percent of the patients receive free treatment at Shaukat Khanum.

Top Hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: The News International

2. Kiran Hospital

Kiran Hospital also tries its best to provide reasonable, if not free healthcare to people in need and that is the reason it is included in the list of top hospitals in Pakistan. Their cancer clinics is one of the most well equipped cancer clinics in Pakistan. They try to keep the treatments affordable and economic. They have great doctors on board too.

Top Hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: Kiran Hospital – Facebook

3. Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT)

This hospital mainly focuses on kidney related issues and organ transplant. SIUT is also a leading medical institute in the country which offers free or discounted treatment to thousands of patients each year. SIUT holds the title of being the largest kidney disease treatment center in Pakistan. It has state of the art technology and great quality patient care. The most attractive thing about SIUT is that Dr Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi, the top urologist in Pakistan is affiliated with SIUT at the moment.  At its inception in 1991, it was only able to accommodate 10-12 transplants a week, now over a million patents are treated here every year. In 2004, SIUT opened up a child unit.

Top Hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: SIUT – Facebook

4. Indus Hospital

The concept behind the Indus Hospital was philanthropic, but very difficult to achieve. They wanted to provide the best possible health care to ‘all’, regardless of cast and creed, stature and status, but it has been a rocky road. However, this venture’s seeds were sown in 2005, and since then it has come a long way. In 2005, some businessmen, philanthropists and doctors decided to join hands and pursue the dream of best healthcare for all.

In 2007, the hospital was successfully established and since then, they are trying their best to give free premium quality treatment to all. Spread across 20 acres of land, housing almost 150 beds, Indus has treated millions of patients so far, and the numbers are growing with every passing year. With the latest machines, a great team of doctors and visiting international doctors, Indus Hospital is doing a great job to try to achieve their aim.

Top Hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: Awami Awaz

5. Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital

With its first building, spanning over 23,000 sq feet, completed in 2009, Bait-ul-Sukoon has been running efficiently, providing checkups and treatments at reasonable costs with the help of an NGO.

Top Hospitals in Pakistan
Courtesy: Bait-ul-Sukoon – Facebook

So it is time to take charge of your health and schedule regular annual checkups. You can also explain to those around you of why they too need to opt for regular health care visits. This list of top hospitals in Pakistan can help you select the hospital for annual checkup as per the needs of yourself and your family.