Here Is The List Of Top Donors For Dams Fund So Far..


A recent report published by the IMF ranked Pakistan as third when it came to the top countries facing acute water shortage. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) alongside the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has also issued a warning that by 2025, Pakistan will reach ABSOLUTE water scarcity. The condition called for donations for Dam fund by Chief Justice of Pakistan and Pakistanis didn’t disappoint! Top Donors For Dam Fund list shows that Pakistanis are donating for the dam funds with an open heart.

Top Donors For Dam Fund
Courtesy: Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research

The UN humanitarian coordinator for Pakistan, Neil Buhne, said that no person no matter where he/she lives in Pakistan will be able to squeeze themselves out of this problem. Every person whether from the north where there are more than five thousand glaciers, or in the south, where you have the Arabian Sea, will be able to escape the water shortage.

Call For Donations – Pakistanis Didn’t Disappoint!

Researchers predict that since Pakistan is on the cusp of complete drought and extreme water deprivation, by 2040, it will be one of the most water stressed nations. Due to the extreme threat hovering over Pakistan and its ability to thrive, the Supreme Court of Pakistan stepped in and took an initiative to collect funds to build a dam. At first, this was received with a lot of negativity, since many people felt that this Is not the Supreme Courts work and it should stick to providing justice. With time, as people saw the severity of the issue, all those opposing it turned into contributors. The supreme court of Pakistan established accounts in all banks to collect funds from anyone willing to pay, so that we can build more dams to save water and avert the crisis.

Top Donors For Dam Fund
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List of Top Donors For Dam Fund

Many donors donated graciously, and so we would like to give a shout out to them. The donors can be categorized into two categories, the institutions and individuals.

Here are the top ten Institutional donors:

  1. Pakistan Army
  3. HBL Islamic Charity
  4. Bahria Town Ltd
  5. Qarshi Industries
  6. Employees of State Bank of Pakistan and its subsidiaries
  7. UBL Employees
  8. MECPO
  9. HBL Employees
  10. Pak Defense Officers Housing Authority

As always, the Pakistan Army has to swoop in to save the day. With the largest contribution of Rs. 582 million up till now for the Daimer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund, the Pakistan Army ranks as the number one contributor.

Top Donors For Dam Fund
Courtesy: ProPakistani

The Pakistan Army was followed by the Strategic Planning Directorate who donated Rs 201 million to the dams’ fund and has made it to the second highest donor on the list.

The HBL Islamic Charity donated Rs. 100 million, followed by Bahria Town and Qarshi Industries both of whom donated Rs. 67 million and Rs. 50 million respectively to the dam funds.

Just the top five institutional donors have donated over Rs. 1 billion, that makes up nearly one-third of the total donation for building dams in Pakistan ad averting the water crisis.

When you total the money donated by all top ten donors, you land on a huge figure that will make you cry with pride. The top  donors for dam fund in totality contributed Rs.1.156 billion to help Pakistan survive and thrive.

Top Donors For Dam Fund On Individual Basis

After the institutional donors, come individuals, who were willing to give up almost everything for the betterment of their country.

The names of the top ten individuals who contributed beyond all bounds of generosity to the dam funds:

  1. M Pervaiz Bhatti
  2. Sardar Taneer Ilyas Khan
  3. Abdul Hanan Khan
  4. Zeeshan Ahmed
  5. Saqib Razzaq
  6. Mian Muhammad Azhar
  7. Altaf Hussain Agha
  8. Zaarullah Chaudhry, President of SCP
  9. Jawed Akram
  10. Shahzad Naeem Bokhari

Mr. Pervaiz Bhatti contributed Rs 50 million to the dam fund. This generous act was followed by Mr. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan,the  President of the Centaurus Group, he  donated Rs. 20 million, followed by Abdul Hanan Khan, Zeeshan Ahmed and Saqib Razzaq who all donated Rs. 19 million, Rs. 15 million and Rs. 10 million respectively.

Top Donors For Dam Fund
Courtesy: ProPakistani

These individuals contributed an overall amount of Rs. 114.88 million. The overall donation made by top ten contributors stand at Rs. 143.65 million by the end of September 13, according to the statistical report updated by SBP under the title of Top 10 Donors To PM & CJP Fund for Water Reservoir.

Almost a week ago, the damn fund account name was renamed to Fund For Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam. The State Bank Of Pakistan has released statistics as per which, the central bank collected nearly 2 billion in 40 days, to build the dam.

Contribution Of Oversea Pakistanis

Pakistanis who live abroad are also donating generously. Whether they are in the States, Nigeria or Fiji, they are all playing their role in building the dam. Remember the news that Shahid Khan will donate $1 billion in the dam fund? To our disappointment, it was fake. If this news would have been true, Shahid Khan would have made it to top donors for dam fund list!

Every drop of water matters and every penny counts, this approach was also communicated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his first address to the nation. So we should all do our part and consume water with caution. For those who would like to donate to the dam funds, go right ahead.

The details to donate are mentioned below:

Bank: State Bank of Pakistan
Account No: 03-593-299999-001-4