Top 5 Pakistani Songs To Listen To If Your BAE Recently Ditched You!

Pakistani Songs We Are Still In Love With!
Courtesy: The Youth Chronicles

Now we all cannot dissent from the fact that music is the ultimate savior in our damsel life. Music has emerged from time to time depicting a universal fact that the old songs never go out of style. Well, not only adults but even the youngsters love these songs. They pierce not only the heart but also the soul. Here is a throwback to that old and gold artistry of our evergreen songs. Considering your love for music, we have selected 5 Pakistani songs you need to listen because they are worth it.

Tum Dur Thay

Artist: Vital Signs (Junaid Jamshed)

Talking about conveying a message that there was no use of their lover’s presence to them, the pain and loneliness still remain the! The Late Junaid Jamshed, soulful recording artist sung this amazing, heart touching song which is stamped on the hearts of the people. Listening to this song makes you think more deeply about someone special in your life and that’s why it is still listed as top 5 Pakistani songs!

Har Zulm Tera

Artist: Sajjad Ali

Har zulm is a remembrance of all the hardship one face while he/she is in love and it’s not limited to the “zaalim samaaj”. This song points the misunderstanding among loves and touches your soul with the bittersweet lyrics. A perfect song for your daily reminder. Sajjad Ali has turn music into a magic with such elegant and melodious voice that never seems to fail to the audience and leave a lasting impression on them!

Sajni Paas Bulao Naa

Artist: Jal (Band)

Ruling the Pakistani songs charts, Sajni was the first song released by Jal band (second album). This song is for those who cannot really move on that easily after a break-up and need their lover back in their life. It was the anthem of youngsters and you can still hear it playing in the concerts.

Yaad To Aati Hogi

Artist: Sajjad Ali

We would never miss a chance to make someone realize their loss. A complete package for this amazing chance we all crave for. A song narrated by the broken heart hits you right in the gut. Striking a point that after leaving them how life takes a drastic change that everything you do make you reminisce about the bad you did to the good one, Sajjad Ali was able to entice guilt with “Jan-e-jaan mout nahi, sharam to aati hogi”

Chaandni Raatein

Artist: Noor Jehan

Sleepless nights, waiting for the lover while everyone is deep in sleep, the pain, the agony, you name it this song has it. Chandi Raatein dates back to 90’s hits but is still able to mesmerize. A sensation, Noor Jehan, the queen of melody, her voice is nothing but therapeutic to us and we cannot deny that make us miss our beloved!

Which Pakistani song is your personal favorite when dealing with a heartbreak? Let us know in the comment section.