5 Pakistani Make Up Brands Giving Tough Competition To International Ones!

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands

In Pakistan, you can find almost any international makeup brand, and what you can’t find here, can be ordered online. But why order for something super expensive, when you have amazing Pakistani makeup brands producing great quality product at a more reasonable price! Now you won’t have to consider selling your kidney to be able to afford a great collection of makeup!

It is not just how expensive an international product is, it is also about how our desi skin and skin tones react to it. A lot of renowned brands have foundations that make the desi skin look grey after applied. So a few brands in the local market have stepped up and produced amazing products that suit us desi’s perfectly. Here are the top 5 local brands that you must try.

1. Nabila

Nabila is a name synonymous with beauty in Pakistan. Nabila’s No Makeup Palette is not just famous in Pakistan, but it is a rave abroad as well. A compact palette, that takes care of all your makeup needs. There is a concealer a lip stain, a concealer blending formula and a blush; all available in different shades! From Porcelain for super fair skin to Caramel for tanned skin, there are 6 different options available so you can pick the one that will go perfectly with your skin. The product suits Desi skin tones and lasts long in the heat (considering Pakistan’s soaring temperatures). This is one product you NEED to get your hands on!

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands
Courtesy: Nabila

2. Massarat Misbah

Any makeup fanatic in Pakistan know this name! Massarat Misbah is one of the Pakistani makeup brands that is ‘rave worthy’ for sure! It provides a range of shades suiting the Asian skin tone. The products are halal and suit the Desi skin well. Massarat Misbah is the owner of the famous beauty parlor Depilex, and so has been connected to the makeup and beauty industry for over 30 years. So it is safe to say she knew what she was doing. The palettes are upper pigmented, the range of foundation ensures that all your makeup problems are resolved and the lipstick shades are chic and evergreen. MM has a diverse range of products, from the pore minimizing foundations to the perfect pressed powders that give a matte finish. Although this brand is a little on the pricier side, it is worth every penny.

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands
Courtesy: News Republica

3. J. Makeup

Makeup stemmed from the clothing line started by Junaid Jamshed, a famous singer in Pakistan. The products are averagely priced and of astounding quality. Perhaps their best sellers are the perfumes. The myriad collection of perfumes for both the genders have been well received by the highly competitive market. Their long lasting lip colors are great for everyday use, and their mascara is as good as any internationally renowned brand (yet costs less than half the price!).

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands
Courtesy: J.

4. Medora

One of the oldest Pakistani makeup brands, but still the favorite of most. The makeup is pocket friendly, has amazing quality and the range of shades is phenomenal. The lipsticks are creamy yet long lasting, the kajal (kohl) is as black as it gets and you will find an extensive range of nail colors to go with every attire. If I say that almost every household in Pakistan has at least one Medora product, it will definitely not be exaggeration.

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands
Courtesy: The Art Of Beauty

5. Sweet Touch

Vibrant colors, affordable price and premium quality product; that my friends is Sweet Touch summarized for you. Introduced in 2001 by Mehran Enterprises aka Bays International (who also own Makeup City), Sweet Touch had been the go to product for most Pakistani girls. A variety of face products, lip colors and eye and lip palettes makes it a popular brand for the amazing product range. My favorite thing about sweet touch is the quality of the products. The total assortment of lipsticks are full of beaming and radiant colors that infuse your lips with lasting moisture! Talking about their matte range, it makes achieving a bold matte red carpet look super easy. Their lipsticks are extremely pigmented, creamy and moisturizing, their nail colors last for long and don’t chip. You should definitely give them a try!

Top 5 Pakistani Makeup Brands
Courtesy: Saloni Health

Pakistani makeup brands are acing their game to cater to cosmetic needs of Asian skin tones. Makeup and effective skin care routine is all you need to make your skin glow so next time invest in these brands!