Top 11 Lies We Were Fed As Children – Did You Believe These Myths Too?

Childhood myth

I don’t know why but I still have this fear of swallowing a bubble gum because I remember being told when I was young that you’ll have stones in your stomach if you do so. Let us go back down the memory lane and see what we were being told. I wonder if any of it is true but it sure is hilarious! So, these are the 11 childhood myth that we used to believe in:

1. Never let a black cat cross your path! EVER!

I remember clearly that I fell for this childhood myth and I used to be very scared of the black cats. Not anymore though!

Childhood myth
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2. Rubbing fountain pen ink is good for your hair

I came home one day from school and my mum saw blue stains on my forehead and asked me about it. And I told her that I’ll have good hair now because of the ink that I had on my hair. She explained it to me and that was my first and last time doing that but I remember telling the other kids not to do it.

Childhood myth
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3. Never kill a baby snake, his mom will hunt you down and kill you

I seriously fell for this one after killing a small earthworm sized snake and my friends scared me to death. But the mom never came to visit me. Probably the uncle or grandfather came after years and it didn’t end that well.

Childhood myth
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4. Do not jump over anyone who is sitting, he/she will have a short height

One of the best childhood myths so far is this one as I recall and we used to deliberately do it to the ones who were mean to us. This was our way of taking the revenge from the bad guys. However, we all grew normally and it didn’t work. SIGH!

5. If you swallow a bubble gum, you will have stones in your stomach

Even though this childhood myth is a good one because it teaches the children not to swallow the gum and I have passed it on to my niece. It’s funny when I do it.

Childhood myth
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6. He who sits on a teacher’s chair, FAILS!

This actually happened with a friend of mine and failed one subject because she sat on my teacher’s chair. What are the odds!

Childhood myth
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7. If you swallow water melon or orange seeds, tree twigs will grow from your ears!

This is one of the funniest childhood myths. I mean, how is that even possible? If it were true, then there would be flying plants around us. Not birds! Flying plants!

Childhood myth
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8. Don’t pluck a flower, it brings bad luck

Well this one didn’t work on me and my neighbors were not very happy about it.

9. If you cross your eyes, you may never be able to bring them back to normal

Some of us fell for this childhood myth. Now its more like “keep rolling your eyes, maybe you can find a brain there!”

Childhood myth
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10. Don’t step too hard on the ground, it’ll bring earthquakes

I guess we didn’t take this one seriously. Come on! Stop it already. Save the planet.

Childhood myth
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11. If you lie, your tongue turns black

I still think this is true on certain level. What are your thoughts about it?

Childhood myth
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Parent had to be creative with their lies and I am pretty impressed with the creativity. Nowadays we prefer memes!