Their Cabinet, Their Decision – Fair Enough?

20 member cabinet formed by Prime Minister Imran Khan
20 member cabinet formed by Prime Minister Imran Khan
The newly formed cabinet took oath this morning and the mainstream media is still discussing this topic along with first address of Imran Khan.
Imran Khan finalizes 20 member federal cabinet
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Why we chant and scratch our heads with illogical comparison? For instance, equating the people with whom they are working for now and whom they worked for before. If one has a passion of being ambassador, should he be sitting at home and waiting for his or her favorite government to come? If one is an intellectual person and has confidence to level-up the crisis, should he be not advising any government? What about the promise that we cherish in our professional life: do good for the country? If you still think that this is not how it should be, then let’s cry together: Do good for your favorite government. I am not a die-heart fan of PTI or Imran, but it is sickening that little things are broadcasted by the mainstream media for the sake of unique news and unique opinions. From Imran Khan could not speak “Roz-e-Qayamat” and Bilawal’s speech was so English-ish to Cabinet is bogus.
Kya zamanay me panapnay ki yehi baatay hy?

20 Member Cabinet – The Arguments from the Critics.

Let’s pull the arguments form the critics for better assessment. Here are the most important questions-cum-arguments that many critics claimed:
  • What are the achievements of Shah Mehmood Qureshi? Kerry-Lugar Bill and Raymond Davis (the ramification of the same bill), that’s it? Do they make him competitive enough for Foreign Office?
  • Two Ministers, Khalid Maqbool and Farogh Naeem, from MQM-P, who had only 7 seats in NA, what a coalition government.
  • Who are new faces, why Ali Zaidi is not assigned the Ministry of IT?
  • Fehmida Mirza for Inter-Provincial Coordination? Yes, she will coordinate with Sindh, where she has the utmost conflicts with PPP. Good choice, isn’t it?
  • Almost all advisors worked for Dictator Musharraf. Where is democratic will?
  • Corruption and charges-free Naya Pakistan with inclusion of Babar Awan?
  • What role can Pervez Khattak play in Defense Ministry?
  • Merit-based positions was the claim of Imran Khan, Shireen Mazari (expert in Defense) will work on Minister of Human Rights?
  • Shafqat Mahmood the Federal Education and Professional Training, PTI can’t remember 18th amendment – education is the provincial domain?

Response to Critics

I won’t take too long to respond to each argument, rather would try to sum up the whole scenario in some sentence – bear with me. Should we have to depend on the education rather on capacities? If yes, then Engineers or Doctors should never join politics, embassy services, and other non-technical civil services. I partially agree that Babar Awan’s decision should have been taken with proper considerations, because PTI has been showing itself as the champion of not including anyone into the government who are facing the charges. Why there is question of ministries from other parties, I guess it is a coalition government, isn’t it? However, there is a request:
PTI is not in opposition anymore, it is a government now. It will face the counters and should respond diligently. Therefore, one should be free to observe what arguments of the critics are valid enough and what not?

Deviating from the Promises

Khan knows it better: if his government will not perform, it will be a huge blow to his party and political career. Now, we should not expect U-turns anymore, only seriousness towards the 100 days action plan with the focus on the performance of this new cabinet. Obviously, it is near to impossible task, because with vacant state’s treasures and negotiations for help from the KSA and China, how such plan will be completed. There are two important aspects to make this machinery working: Capabilities and finance. If there are limited funds, then again, it all equates to capacities. Albeit the difficulties are chasing the way, the execution of such tasks boils down to the team because one cannot do everything alone and that leads us back to the starting point, “Cabinet”.

Margin of Mistakes

What has been done is dusted. Now, any mistake will bring crucial consequences. All those who supported Imran Khan are now keeping an eye on his government. Any blunder out of intentions will pose a serious drawback to his career. The candidates nominated for cabinet, not pronouncing the oath phrases, and every little thing is observed and everyone have to say something about it!
New Cabinet
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For instance, there are few people already in his cabinet and in the mainstream of the provincial governments that have serious accusations. Khan has deviated from his first agenda. And, people deserve the right to question. It is not necessary to equate the people from “whom they work in past” but is obvious that they will be judged based on their actions. The country is facing a serious issue of water crisis, and the Khan and his team have not considered a ministry for it. I might consider the arguments of critics’ a ‘little things’, but you can’t change people’s opinions. Government should bring them in confidence for every step and every move. It is because PTI was escalated by people based on some principles, deviating from them without sound clarification or confidence move will have its ramifications that will be hard for the government to cope up with in the near future.