The Untold Story of Mother Teresa – An Epitome of Humanity
Humanity has been progressing day by day and is striving through the thick and thin due to the deeds of few the great men and women who devoted their lives for the betterment of their fellow beings. Mother Teresa is one of those few people who devoted her whole life to help the downtrodden and needy humans. Teresa’s devotion to the humanitarian cause since youth is a guiding example for the young generation of today and a source of motivation to help the oppressed and burdened.

The Letters: Untold Story of Mother Teresa

The Letters is movie near to real depiction of life and condition that mother Teresa endured during her journey to help the needy in India. It is based on the series of letters that she wrote to her close and dear ones. These letters were compiled and a movie was made to show the young generation that how their predecessors endured to bring happiness on the faces of the poor people. It is amazing that she never stepped back, even when some elements of the society stopped her and threatened her. It shows how firm she was for her good cause and her belief in the righteousness, which led her to win the hearts of people including those who were against her.

Early Life

Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta was an Albanian-Indian nun born in Skopje on 26th August 1910. She was the youngest of three siblings. Furthermore, due to her humanitarian contributions, she is known as Mother Teresa for her struggle for the betterment of poor and needy in India. She was the founder of Mercenaries of Charity which is recognized by the concerned Pope, and countries around the globe for charity work.
Mother Teresa

Charity Work Shown in The Letters

Mother Teresa left her home in 1927 and joined sisters of Loreto to devote herself to religion and the people, regardless of the race, religion, and color. At the early age of 18, she decided her life for the peace and prosperity in the world. She reached India the next year and joined a convent. However, on observing the condition of the poor and dying people there, she adopted the mercenary way of life. She started to beg and raise money for charity concerning the diseased, poor, lepers, homeless and people with no clothes, who could not afford to live and were poorest of the poor. One of her quotes in which she thought that God had abandoned her and she felt there was no God in her exactly shows us that how she started off to become Mother Teressa from sister Teresa. She started off with 12 members in her group for the collection of charity and helping the humanity and the number of members of her organization comprised 4000 nuns in 1997.

“I am just a Pencil in God’s Hand”

This quote explains her main cause throughout her life. She thought it was bestowed upon her by the God to help the poor and needy. She considered it to be her duty to do the God’s work. She says it with the belief that whatever she is doing is the God’s will and she is just a way used by Him to implement His decisions and plans.

A pure soul who cherished nothing but humanity

Devotion to the humanity shown by Mother Teresa is an example, which should be followed by the people of all ages. She spent her prime years of youth on roads and streets working for the humanity and should be a lesson for the younger generation today. We should start off from ourselves as Mother Teresa did by feeling the pain of the poor people. Doing so, we will have a clear idea about their condition and we will work for their betterment. If we will follow the steps of Mother Teresa, we can counter several problems of the word, including but not limited to poverty, extremism, terrorism, diseases, and so forth issues. These devoted human beings like Mother Teresa dedicated their lives not based on religion, nationalism or any ethnic grounds but for the welfare of humanity. She cared for the people regardless of their color, creed or race, which is the utmost need for the whole world to realize and act in a similar way. She truly showed an incomparable motherly attitude towards the fellow beings. Her life is a guiding principle for all of us and we should also be willing to dedicate ourselves for the betterment of humanity or at-least contribute our efforts for the same cause. Because, at the end of the day, we are all humans.