The Boys – Where Superheroes are not (actually) Superheroes!

The Boys
Courtesy: Engadget

When it comes to comic book adaptations, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Superheroes’ trying to save the world from supervillains, a concept which is pretty common but it works and has been so for years.  Now imagine where superheroes are actually supervillains and the latter are the superheroes. Confusing right? And this is where the new web series The Boys comes in and gives us a fresh take on comic book adaptations and of course superheroes.

In the first scene, we are introduced to a geeky character named Hughie who is planning to move in with his girlfriend. However before that plan can take place, his girlfriend accidentally dies in a brutal way by a Superhero A-Train who was running too fast. Usually, at this point, you would expect Hughie to turn into a supervillain with an interesting back story to take down superheroes because of a tragedy but this is not what happens.

Hughie is then recruited by Billy Butcher who despises superheroes because of a dark encounter with Homelander, the most powerful Superhero and leader of the superhero team The Seven. The Seven is a property of Vought International, a corrupt powerful company who control the superheroes. The superheroes showcase a positive image to the general public in order to make themselves and Vought profitable. However, deep down the superheroes are corrupted by power and greed and only help if it serves their interest and they do not care if innocent lives are lost in the process.

Meanwhile, a new Superhero Starlight is excited to become part of The Seven. At first, she is passionate about joining the superhero team and is sincere about saving the world. However, later on, she discovers that the superheroes she knew and loved are not exactly as what they appear to the general public. She also finds out that everything she knew about her powers is not true and there is a dark secret behind them.

Along with the characters, Frenchie, M.M and The Female Hughie and Billy Butcher who are referred to as The Boys decide to take on the superheroes themselves and try to do everything in their power to show the public for what they really are.

The Boys has many interesting storylines and each character has their own unique story to tell including the minor ones. Nothing seems to be irrelevant or forced in The Boys. Although it seems early to say as the show has only released its first season, it would have been interesting to see storylines of more characters which are an important part of the show. Then again you cannot really expect a show’s first season to cover everything so it is forgivable.

The show is based on The Boys comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. You can legally stream the first season of Amazon Prime Video which is available in Pakistan. Be warned, you are in for a lot of violence and strong content and this is by no means a show targeted for children. However, if you are 18 or over, go into the world of The Boys right now and I guarantee you will be hooked from the start till finish.