A Step Forward To Better Customer Experience – Telenor 4.5G Wins The Battle Of Higher Data Rates

Telenor 4.5G Wins The Battle Of Higher Data Rates
Courtesy: Express Tribune

The game of providing better data experience to the customers has been won by Telenor Pakistan this time after the launch of 4.5G thus Telenor becomes the first ever telecom operator in Pakistan to open gateway towards the next generation 5G. Telenor is an operator with 80% of its network supporting 3G and 4G networks and now Telenor has launched 4.5G in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. For the users and normal subscribers, it’s all about the data speed and how fast our videos can be streamed. Telenor 4.5G claims to be the fastest data services and will provide one of the best data services to its customers.

Telenor 4.5G Wins The Battle Of Higher Data Rates
Courtesy: RS-Tech

Higher Data Rates

But wait let’s have a deep insider view of the entire concept of 4.5G and what it actually is? For the normal customers, who don’t have any specific interest in the deployed technology, to them, it’s just about the higher data rates, better streaming, and improvised user experience and customer perception regarding the network. For the people, you are interested in knowing how Telenor has actually achieved it, let’s discuss the methodology adopted by Telenor to deploy 4.5G.

Carrier Aggregation

The marathon for the higher data rates started back in 2014 when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) received the bids for auctioning 3G and 4G licenses. Back in 2014, Telenor bid for 3G license and rolled out its 3G network in Pakistan. Telenor moved on forward in terms of both technology and provision of better customer experience and acquired its 850MHz spectrum as a license for 4G services in 2016. After that, Telenor rolled out its 4G network in addition to its existing 3Gnetworks. Even then, Telenor didn’t stop and reformed its existing 1800 MHz band for LTE services. After then, Telenor used LTE advanced technology “Carrier Aggregation” in order to launch the first ever 4.5G network in Pakistan. This Carrier Aggregation technology is used to increase the overall bandwidth of the LTE network. Increasing bandwidth implies higher data rates and better data speed for the users.

The Limitations Of Telenor 4.5G

Telenor has launched its services for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi the major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, the handsets used by the customers should support 4.5G. So, this new technology is definitely handset dependent.

The bright side of the story is that Telenor has achieved a remarkable success in deploying the 4.5G network in Pakistan by using its LTE spectrum and existing bandwidth and is considered to be a stepping stone towards the next generation 5G network.