Taliban Wants PM Imran Khan To Invite Them To Pakistan!

Taliban - Imran Khan

After the recent successful visit of President Imran Khan to the USA, the relations between Pakistan and USA are seen to move on a better path now. People were looking forward to the event because of the imbalanced relationship between these two countries, most of the folks watch these conferences because they always turn out into some kind of controversy and we absolutely love debatable topics. This time there is something way more interesting that happened after this visit, looks like there is an umbrella organization (yes, we are talking about Taliban) which was much interested in this tour more than the citizens of Pakistan and the USA.

During the visit, Imran Khan mentioned that Pakistan will do everything in its power to restore the Afghan Taliban peace with the USA and looks like the Taliban were waiting for a green flag. As soon as Imran Khan returned to Islamabad, he received a call and wait, this call is even more thrilling than gaitonde calling Sardar. This call came straight from Doha, the person who called was a Taliban spokesman, he mentioned that the Taliban will agree to visit Pakistan if they are FORMALLY invited, phupoo is that you? The spokesman also added that the Taliban representatives keep visiting different countries and states, travel goals alert people!

This news can spark two instant reactions from a person, it’s either ”oh wow” or ”uhh no”. Considering the history-filled with grudges and wars between Pakistan and the Taliban, we don’t expect much good from any side, but are you forgetting something? It’s Naya Pakistan people, we are obliged to expect the unexpected. We don’t know what new directions will or are opening up in the result of this dialogue of invitation, all we know is that there are loads of upcoming memes because that is what we Pakistani’s breath on.

Moreover, if we summarize the savage reactions that people delivered on this news, they are enough to make us crack a bit. Hello to a specific fellow country that specifically stated some ways in which they wanted to abandon Pakistan, want to take anything back? Many people (all of them are opposing parties, for them IMRAN KHAN is invisible)  are stating all the good things that are happening as karma for the country who wants to leave Pakistan. That kind of seems obvious right? All of a sudden after the world saw their real face, the Saudi prince visited Pakistan, Trump wants Pakistan to be a dialogue with the Taliban and not to forget Akcent says hello to Pakistan, truly a *wink wink* moment.

Well, we hope that whatever happens results in the betterment of all the countries involved in this 18-year long war and these meetings put an end to all the disruptions so we can move on to achieve world peace. But again, you are still not invited neighbor.


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