Its Time To Switch From Radio To Podcast – It Is The Future Of Marketing!

Its Time To Switch From Radio To Podcast - It Is The Future Of Marketing!

Not more than a decade ago, we used to listen to our favorite RJs on the radio. Generation X has its youthful memories of listening to radios while going to colleges and offices, waiting for our favorite late night programs and switching between different radio channels to listen to different songs. Well, with the evolution of the internet, the entire concept of radio has changed. From FM receiver to internet radio, it’s the era of podcasting.  A term which is a combination of Pod (taken from iPod which supported mp3 audios) and cast (taken from broadcasting) has completely changed the concept of radio by allowing the users to download mp3 format of podcast channels and to listen to them whenever they want. It’s time to ditch the radio and switch to Podcast in Pakistan too!

How To Listen To Podcasts?

Well, we all have been hearing this buzzword “Podcast” however, most of us are unfamiliar about how to access it. There are various bloggers who are now uploading their weekly episodes about various topics on podcasts but how we can follow them? There are a number of podcast websites like Sound Cloud and iTunes where different bloggers and influencers upload their series of podcasts. You can simply download the episode or listen to it in online mode.

Its Time To Switch From Radio To Podcast - It Is The Future Of Marketing!

Advantages Of Listening To Podcast

Let’s face it, not all of the people are passionate readers or follow their favorite blogs on daily basis. It’s not even possible to watch YouTube channels of the famous vloggers. Listening to Podcast channels is easy. It comes in different formats like .mp3, .ahx, .band, .dsm, .pvc, .koz and many more so that the listeners can listen comfortably via their audio players. It’s very convenient to download any podcast episode and listen to it while driving or on the go.

Own Your Personal Podcast Channel In Pakistan

Here’s an interesting fact. If you are a good speaker and want to share your thoughts with the world then Podcast gives you the freedom to own your personal Podcast channel. You no longer need to daydream about becoming an RJ, you can achieve this dream by owning a Podcast channel in Pakistan. Anyone with good speaking skills and positive thoughts can be an RJ of ones’ own Podcast channel. The steps involved in creating a Podcast audio episode are quite easy. Just record your voice in any of the audio recorders available and then upload it to any of the podcasting websites. There are different Podcasting tools available online for your support. For example, Appilian and Feedforall allow users to download or record any audio or video. Blogging dot com is an excellent step-by-step tutorial about Podcasting.

Its Time To Switch From Radio To Podcast - It Is The Future Of Marketing!

Promote Your Podcast Channel

The next step is about promoting your podcast. Feedforall helps users to promote their Podcast episodes on different online platforms. The advertisement and marketing strategies have completely changed and different companies are now switching to Podcasting for their online advertisement. The trend is being accepted globally and soon you can see a hype of Podcast in Pakistan too.

If you intend to listen to good Podcasts, download your favorite episodes or if you intend to own a Podcast channel then upload your voice (You need to have an amazing internet speed for this). Whether you are a good listener or a good speaker, Podcasting will help you to spread knowledge and gain information through the internet.