Classical Summer Things That Every Pakistani Man Should Own

men summer style tips
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

What makes a man look good to a stranger is what he wears. In our highly judgmental society (like it or not; we are all a bit judgmental) a man speaks through his dressing. The hottest and the coolest guy in the room is not the one who is overdressed because he wants to show off by wearing everything he could get his hands on, instead he is the one who can rock the simplest look like an excellent T-shirt with sleek sneakers. He makes his statement without saying anything and if you want to be like this, then here are a few summer style tips for you.

Grey Tailored Trousers

Tailored trousers can work in every situation. You can wear them to the office, or you can also wear them to hotels.  A slim pair of tailored trousers is your step to up from jeans and is an excellent choice for summers. Tailored trousers are men’s staple wear, and a light shade of these trousers are a good thing for your wardrobe. Grey tailored trousers work well with pastels or neutral colors. Get rid of the ‘Cheekhty hue rang’ and move on to lighter shades this summer.

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White sneakers

White sneakers are a classic. They are timeless and stay in fashion all year long. You can wear white sneakers for literary everything; casual and professional events; from dance floors to office meetings, to diners and to the universities. Chose any style of white sneakers and you can wear them everywhere and anywhere.

Courtesy: Fashion & Showbiz Magazine

Cotton polo shirts

Everything changes with time except polo shirts, which are the same since the early 20th century; they are the true classics and that’s why our summer style tips is all about them. If you have a polo shirt, you are never outdated in fashion. You can wear any color polo shirt like very light pink or navy blue and air it with shorts or tailored trousers like navy shorts and white trainers, and you’re the boss of fashion. Especially in Pakistan; it is the ultimate look.

Woven belts

Every adult who has a good dressing sense knows that a fit pant is what makes you look smart; a loose slipping pant is just an embarrassment. Apart from these belts can make your outfit look attractive and smooth. If you tuck in your shirt and don’t wear a belt with it, you are not doing the outfit right. Woven belts are versatile, light, and look good in summers with trousers or jeans; it will also give you a classy 70’s vintage look.


Sunglasses are to protect your eyes, but we rarely buy it nowadays for just that purpose, they have become a style statement and our next summer style tip is all about those glasses. We buy them to look good, and that is why the shape, size, color of the sunglasses matter that much. The right sunglasses can bring symmetry to your face and brings more confidence. Get a good pair of sunglasses (or maybe 2) for this summer season. Buy them after you have tired them on and asked for the opinions of at least 5 people, just kidding.

Summer style tips for men
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Tailored swimming shorts

Swimming shorts is just another word for summer just like ice-creams and waterparks. The best thing to wear in the sunny weather are shorts, they look cool and keeps you cool (pun intended). You can get retro shorts, chinos shorts or runner style shorts which are a few varieties for shorts available in Pakistan.

With these summer style tips, you have struck gold. Now plan a shopping spree and dazzle the awaam. You are welcome 🙂