Social Media Scavengers – Stories Of Instant Fame

Social Media Celebs!
Millennial age started with the sparkling yet catchy concept of social media. The place where you scroll down all the on-going life events of your loved ones. Apps that drags you each time you plan to sleep. However, there is much more than that. Some are lucky to have superseded their life dreams within minutes or became popular unintentionally yet some become the latest trolling trend! let’s talk about the success stories. Yes, magic and miracles happen in this real-world; the only condition implies is your luckiness.
Social media is altering the lives for better and for worse
Courtesy: Pixabay
Here is the post, there it is shared and the result – celebrity in minutes and center of attention for whole lot of audience. Let’s have a throw-back or what we say TB to a few of those people who became popular in no time … only because of social media.

Qandeel Baloch – The Social Media Celebrity!

A rural girl, Fouzia Azeem, went through all the failed attempts in this saturated media and entertainment industry, which is too rigid for the upcoming and new talent. She appeared to be the first all-in-one performer of Pakistan who occupied the newsfeed of millions.
Qandeel Baloch rose to fame due to her controversial videos on social media
Courtesy: Something Haute
Her unique way of presenting herself on social media, with all the sassiness and sensuality, she received dimwit responses and haters, meanwhile, people like liberals and feminist were always at her back with immense support by posing, “Her life, her desires, her choices, her body… none of your business.” She earned, she yearned, she bragged, and faced the triumph.

Arshad Khan AKA Chaiwala

Arshad Khan, a chaiwala, become the apple of an eye for girls, no just in Pakistan but all over the world, especially when BBC covered the story. The blue-eyed guy appeared on the social media when Jiah Ali (a photographer) shared his pic.
Arshad Khan rose to fame as Chaiwala on social media
The girls went crazy over him and their friends-zoned boys were more in a situation of pity. In no time after chaiwal’s picture went viral on social media, his life changed. And there he goes… from a dhaaba to entertainment industry… featuring and modeling with huge fan following.

Priya Prakash & The Famous WINK!

The recent video from a South Indian movie. A girl just hearth-robed the guys with her wink. Indeed, she has amazing acting skills, but ehm, that imaginary bullet is too hard to handle by the boys. Ever since her video spread on social media, her memes, mimicry, and video-edits are too much to talk about.
The rise of Priya Prakash to instant fame was due to social media
Courtesy: DNA India

Nasir Khan Jan

Call him cheap or ridicule him, Nasir Khan Jan is a social media star. He hailed from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and followed the trend set by Qandeel Baloch. He posts videos eating tomatoes, banana, dancing, or trying to cover Hollywood songs in desi accent. Even though he receives severe backlash on social media, his fan following is pretty impressive nonetheless!
Nasir Khan Jan receives severe backlash on social media
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

Waseem Hassan Sheikh AKA “Axcuse Me” Guy

Even though he is not a social media star, he is known as the King of Advertisement! He is included in this list as he is trolled on social media almost every day! He is known for illogical and hilarious cable ads and impressive acting skills (pun intended!). His social media fan following in increasing rapidly.
Axcuse Me guy is mercilessly trolled on social media
Courtesy: Parhlo
Recently, such life changing events are reaching another level of game. People are desperate to turn themselves into one of those lucky people. Again, luck is a blind follower, and it reaches anyone, anytime.