Sidhu Is Being Bashed By His Own People!

I came as a friend - Navjor Singh Sidhu
Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle
Sidhu was enjoying the ceremony, everything was going well, Pakistanis were excited, there was almost no reaction across the border, later on the day of ceremony all hell broke loose.. One must wonder what was the cause of this storm of negative tweets and the portrayal of Sidhu as a villain. We have the answer!
He hugged COAS Maj Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa!
As idiotic as it may sound, he is being bashed by Indian media for hugging our COAS (it is kind of funny actually). Here is the video oh him committing the crime,
Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

Lets dive into the Sidhu Controversy

As we all know Imran Khan took oath as the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic Pakistan and several celebrities attended the ceremony! As a cricket star, he is known, respected and admired by millions. Imran Khan invited Navjot Singh Sidhu and he accepted the invitation. His arrival was a positive gesture and he was happy to be the part of this historical event. The arrival was appreciated by many and Pakistani were especially excited about it. He stated that he is a fan of Imran Khan and came as a friend, not as a politician. Here are the exact words of Navjot Singh Sidhu,
I have come here as a friend, as goodwill messenger. I have brought a Kashmiri shawl as a gift for Khan. I love Kashmiri shawls and I have many. It is a symbol of love.

Pakistanis’s were really excited about this goodwill gesture!

Sidhu not only have a presentable personality, his show ‘Laughter Challenge” is appreciated among the Pakistani population so the welcome was warm.

Boy the Indians are angry!

A goodwill gesture became the crime of Navjot Singh Sidhu. Yes he is being criticized, he is being insulted on Indian national television, and they are burning his posters (and they call us extremists)!!!

Indian media bashing Sidhu

We all know the craze of rating and the trend of hate set by Indian media. Currently Indian news channels are busy targeting Sidhu for his positive sentiment and THAT DAMNED HUG (pun intended!). We loved you for supporting a friend on his biggest day. You set the basis for a positive relationship between India and Pakistan and we will remember you for this!