Sharjeel Memon Parchoon Store – Free Delivery to Hospitals!!

CJP found alcohol in Sharjeel Memon Hospital Room
Courtesy: ARY News

I was reading the news of Sharjeel Memon concorded sophisticatedly by Dawn News with perfect narration and formal setting – so boring. I bet if you will go through that, you wouldn’t think of checking this best-ever news again. After all, we do enjoy being high; however, seeing high people is more exclusive coincident of entertainment. For your reference, let me recall the story published by Dawn in my way. I will leave the names of characters for you to judge. Checkmate!

“Hey Honey!”


“How you doing?”

“Had a perfect massage at the best Chinese traditional massage centre, their olive oil was perfect”

“Oh, great!”

“I don’t know why the centre was raided by police later”

“There must be something curious here, let me utilize my investigative skills”

A few-minutes break.


Old Pakistan Vs New Pakistan

There is a clear difference guys, the youth of Pakistan should be so proud of this transition. Earlier, we had “kachay mind” due to the intoxication of “kachi sharaab”. Not anymore, now we have surely realized that branded English wine has a golden colour – so much like honey and tastes so much bitter as “raw olive oil”. My congratulation out to you – we surely have upgraded.

CJP found alcohol in Sharjeel Memon Hospital Room
Courtesy: Emiology

Who would keep the olive oil and honey in hospital? Perhaps, the medicines upset the patient’s stomach and they ruined the sweet taste. Think positive.

My Poor Politicians!

Politicians are cute. What? Are you laughing. Stop there! Trust me, they are. All my life, I have seen them behaving as child:

“Mom, no school today please, my stomach aches way too much.”

When parent is giving their best, they say, “You didn’t give me that thing.” And, “that thing” is surely plural in its unique kind. If you think I am kidding. Perhaps, I am. However, as every joke has a dark secret, same goes to it.

Start with my dearest Shareef boys. They said, “we are champions of cricket.” However, once my Captain challenged them and started batting, “they went away scratching their backs.” I wonder how they bowled, how my Captain batted, and why they are angry. Seriously, Cricket is not my game. It confuses me way too much, and I believe I will never be able to understand this bogus game.

Why it is not my game? I wander on the streets of DHA, do window shopping in Dolmen Hyperstar, and use Bogo vouchers to catch-up with expensive restaurants – so I can perceive myself as burger-class, that’s why I love squash. That’s not a game, it is a mixed blend of olive oil, honey, and other ingredients – a drink you should never try, because you middle-class people can’t afford that.

CJP found alcohol in Sharjeel Memon Hospital Room

I hope it clears your mind, my friend just got jailed because he got high of tea, and police assumed he took intoxicants like liquor and drugs. He just phone-called me, I think Ziauddin Hospital would be a better choice for medical certificate and enjoying the personal room as a get-together, what do you say?

Sharjeel Memon is trending!

Well, you guess that right CJP Saqib Nisar found alcohol in Sharjeel Memon room and all hell broke loose. He is all over the internet and the meme game started! #Sharjeelmemon is trending on twitter and the reason is not something to be proud of! Here are the memes that made me laugh so far!

The Controversy King Had Something To Say!

Actually He Had ALOT To Say About Sharjeel Memon!


Somebody Is Living For It!!

The Calculation!!!

What, it is not possible? If Sharukh-Jatoi, Ishaq Dar, and Nihal Hashmi can get that, why wouldn’t my friend? He is innocent, trust me. It was just a Black Label tea without milk, nothing else.