Saudi Arabia Reduced Visa Fee For Pakistan From 2000 To 300 Riyal!

Saudi Arabia reduced visa fee for Pakistan
Courtesy: ProPakistani

The new government is taking major steps to bring Pakistan to unmatchable heights and the relation with other countries is the prime focus of the government. An almost unbelievable and very delighting news came out to the front that was related to lowering the Saudi Arabia visas specifically for the Pakistanis. Why is it a good news? Because there are so many people in Pakistan who visit Saudi Arabia every year to perform hajj, umrah and for various other reasons. Now the question is why Saudi Arabia reduced visa fee for Pakistanis? Well, the newly elected PM Imran Khan talked to the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman about the fees reduction for many reasons.

For a case in point, it was a major challenge because many people are unable to go and visit Saudi Arabia due to the massive visa fees that they need to pay. Upon successful talks, Saudi Arabia reduces visa fee for Pakistanis. Finally!

What Is The New Fee?

The Finance Minister, Asad Umar talked about this news by stating that the original visa fees was 2000 Riyals and is now reduced to 300 Riyals which is a major cut down. Therefore, there will be an increased flow of the people and communication amid both countries. Furthermore, Modi had requested the Saudi Arabia government to decrease the fees previously and they did. However, this offer was not valid for Pakistanis up until now!

Saudi Arabia reduced visa fee
Courtesy: Phone World

The Benefits Are Huge!

Saudi Arabia reduced visa fee for Pakistanis and it is a new step towards development in which both the countries will have more elaborate corridor as well as the interaction that would greatly benefit Pakistan. On the one hand, Saudi Arabia is the holy place where people from around the world come and perform their religious obligation of Hajj and Umrah while on the other hand, the reduction in the visa fees is also beneficial for the political relations among the countries. However, upon analyzing the situation, it is being implied that more outcomes will be in favor of the Pakistani workforce that is working in Saudi Arabia which indeed is a very good thing.

Let us hope that such outcomes are also attained for the other countries too that will greatly benefit Pakistan in terms of linking up further to the other countries and stabilizing the relations. Long story short, it will benefit the economic situation of the country too!