Sania Saeed – The Epitome of Versatility

Sania Saeed

It is said that “Old is Gold” but we have diamonds in our Pakistani Drama Industry. We are living in an era of “ratings” – this word was unfamiliar for people about few decades ago but it has become a “unit of measurement” to determine the success of any program and ratings can never be earned without an unforgettable drama and only an artist has the capability to make that drama unforgettable for audience. In the list of some legendary artist we have an ever glowing name of Sania Saeed associated with our industry.

Sania has no “Saani”

Sania means “dusra, barabar, lamha” in Urdu but in this case we cannot find any “dusra”- competent for Sania Saeed, no one can match her simplicity nor she can be forgotten in the hearts of millions of her fans for a single “lamha”.

Since childhood she has appeared in different street theatre plays, even her father has established a very own theater group “Dastak” and Sania Saeed has made her first Television appearance under the banner of the same theatre group in the Drama “Aurat” which was aired on Pakistan Television on March8,1989. After this Sania started for a successful voyage breaking all the negative waves in her way.

Exceptional performances in Unforgettable Dramas

Sania Saeed has such a spark in her characters that lightens the way for newbies in the industry; she is truly an institute for new comers. Whatever the role she plays, it absorbs in her personality so well that one can imagine as it is happening in reality.

If she is playing as “Bari Sarkar” in drama “Aseer Zaadi” then she is the most brutal of all, if she is playing “Shamim” in “Sang-e-mar mar” then you definitely felt the pain she has in her eyes as helpless woman who unwantedly became the part of cruel traditions, if she is “Saba” in drama serial “Zaib-un-Nisa” then you must be astonished that you’ve never seen such an adorable ghost disguise as “Dost” of Zaib-un-Nisa, if she is playing Shehnaz in drama serial “Meri Gurya” then she is most compassionate and concerned mother for her daughters and her tremendous acting left every eye rolling tears out. She has no hesitations in elaborating the issues of homosexuals in drama “Chewing Gum” of “Kitni Girhayn Baqi Hain”

Dramas and Telefilms

The list of her some most amazing dramas consist of some memorable names like: Tapish, Aahat, Sitara aur Mehr un Nisa , Zard Mosam, Darmyan, Numm, short telepalys of “Kitni Girhayn Baqi Hain”, Aitraaz, Mor Mahal, Sammi. Telefims and long plays include Talaash, Chup Darya, Bila Unwaan, Meethi Meethi Baatain Intekhaab, Aurat aur Chaar diwaari, Taraazo, Saatwan Asman, Kathak, Koshish, and Putlighar. In all these dramas and telefilms, she has been a stunning performer.

Sania Saeed made it to Lollywood

Sania Saeed has graced Lollywood too with her fantastic performances in “Manto” and “Ashiq”. She has achieved the award for the ‘Best Actress” in numerous Lux Style Awards for the drama of PTV “Shayad key phir bahar aye”, Best TV Actress Terrestrial for drama “Hawa ,Rait aur Angan” of PTV ,Best Actress Satellite for drama “Jhumka Jaan” and “The Ghost” for Hum TV, Best Actress award for drama “Kalmohi” at 16th PTV Awards, Best Actress for drama “Aseer Zaadi”of Hum TV at 2nd Hum Awards.

Like father, like daughter

It is not wrong to say that kids inherit their parents’ talent too. The veteran actress was born in Karachi, her talented father Mansoor Saeed was not only a political activist, but he also had translated documentaries, books and several famous plays into Urdu. He is still remembered for the best of his translations of Bertolt Brecht’s life of Galileo, Jacob Bronowski’s Ascent of Man, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and etc. These are some popular Television Series of United States, which had been translated into Urdu for Pakistani audience.