Samsung, A Pioneer Of Innovation Introduced Notebook 9 S Pen!

Notebook 9 S Pen
Courtesy: Samsung

Samsung is considered to be the pioneers of innovation and advanced technology and leaves no stone unturned to provide its customers with nothing less than the best. This time, Samsung has come with a unique addition to its notebooks. We have all been a fan of Samsung Note phones due to it its S Pen and now Samsung has added S Pen to its new Notebook 9. Isn’t it great news for the creative people who intend to utilize their imaginative potential to the fullest.

On 13th December, Samsung made the official announcement about the all-new Notebook 9 with a built-in S Pen to give the freedom to its users to use the Notebook flexibly. The S Pen is really helpful in this digital era of graphic designing and digital modeling. Not only that, it is quite helpful in giving its users the power to use it in order to achieve more results and quality performance. Samsung has definitely taken the level of touch laptop screens to a whole new level with the addition of its very famous S Pen to Notebook 9.

Notebook 9 S Pen
Courtesy: Samsung Global Newsroom

Attractive Robust Design

The overall design of the Notebook 9 Pen is quite stylish yet durable since it is built with a metallic aluminum frame to give it a chic look. On the other hand, such a design makes the Notebook quite handy and portable. In order to add to the stylish look, it has got a metal finish diamond cut to give it a superior look. The Notebook 9 Pen comes in following two colors:

  • Vibrant Ocean Blue
  • Pristine Platinum White

Even with a full metallic body, Notebook 9 Pen is quite handy and can be taken anywhere with ease and comfort. All these features definitely make it top of the charts with its stylish design, portability, and durability.

Realistic yet Better S Pen

Here comes the interesting part of S Pen features which distinguish it from a real pen. The S Pen makes it simple and easy for the users to write down notes and to draw. Not only that, the S Pen can serve as the controller for the users to control the PC. The S Pen gives the feel to its users when it touches the screen as the real pen touches the paper. There are three different pen tips options available to the users thus making the S Pen completely customized according to the demands of the users.

The S Pen doesn’t need a separate charger and can be charged in the Notebook. The S Pen can be used in numerous ways like:

  • Taking quick notes during a meeting
  • To draw an idea in the form of a diagram

The notes are saved automatically and can be easily shared via the cloud in no time.

Myscript Nebo App Free Trial

In order to improvise S Pen users’ experience, a free three months’ trial of Myscript Nebo is available for the users to convert notes and hand-drawn charts and diagrams into digital texts and clean version.

The Notebook 9 Pen will be available in 13 as well as 15 inches’ screen and will be available globally early 2019.