Interested In Buying A DSLR? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is A Better Choice

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera
Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Yes, you heard it right. If you are interested in photography and you intend to buy a beginner level DSLR then you should think again and buy and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung is doing wonders in the field of mobile technology and you can get the benefit of it. It won’t be exaggerating to say that this phone comes with the “BEST CAMERA” mobile of 2018. Let’s talk about specifications on Note 9 camera:

  • Dual 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera
  • Dual-aperture feature adopted from its ancestor phone S9 Plus
  • It has got Wide-angle and telephoto on its rear
  • Scene optimizer enhancement feature based on AI
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera
Courtesy: Evening Standard

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Featuring Dual Aperture

Note 9 comes with a dual 12MP camera with adjustable Aperture technology that gives freedom to the users to capture splendid photos in the day as well as dark light.  There are following two aperture modes available for the users:

  1. 5 – This mode enables the camera to capture more light and is helpful in taking photos in low light.
  2. 4 – This mode is used in daylight and makes the photos clear and sharp to the minor details.

(We have gathered genuine zero filter photos captured by Note 9 in Pakistan to give an authentic review to the readers)

These aperture modes allow the users to capture photos in different light variations. HDR feature and the dual-aperture mode is the ultimate recipe to shoot clear and sharp photos. Following three photos are presented to give a taste of Note 9 camera diversity in capturing photos in dark light, detailed food shoot as well as a crisp clear photo in the bright background.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera

Camera Features

Now this is the best part since Note 9 comes with a huge variety of front and back camera modes. These modes make Note 9 a very easy yet powerful camera to be used in order to capture daily shots.

Rear Camera

  • Auto
  • Super-Slow Motion
  • AR Emoji
  • Hyperlapse
  • Live Focus
  • Pro
  • Panorama

Front Camera

  • Selfie
  • AR Emoji
  • Wide Selfie
  • Selfie Focus

Remote-Controlled Selfie

Other than face recognition or any other hand or voice gesture, now users can take selfies on their own convenience with blue tooth remote control that comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Well, you guess it right. It’s the powerful magic wand named as S-Pen that can serve as a remote control to take selfies at a reasonable distance from the camera.

AI-based Scene-optimizer Feature

Gone are those days when the users were amused at blurred background feature. It’s not always about blurring the background but to identify the entire scene and adjust colors, white balance, and backgrounds after recognizing the subject person. All this is done by Note 9 scene-optimization based on AI that is capable to adjust around 20 multiple subjects that include food, sunsets, backlight, text poster, moving objects and many more. Note 9 camera also informs the users in case front or rear camera is dirty and asks them to clean it before taking a shot.

Pro Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera pro mode is just unbeatable and comes with features similar to any beginner level DSLR.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera


From daylight sharp photos to the dark light detailed photos, from a detailed landscape and metropolitan photos to crystal clear food photography, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has got it all covered for its users to enjoy the perks of adjustable aperture, wide-angle, user guide messages and scene optimizer features.

Samsung is getting better and better! With advanced features and latest updates with the hint of new features in S10 series, it is acing its game and after the severe disappointment of iPhone XS Max, even iPhone users are noticing it!