The Foldable Phone Is Here – Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Fold

The Foldable Phone Is Here – Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Fold

The day is going to be marked in the history of technology when Samsung has finally unveiled its first ever foldable phone cum tab named as the Galaxy Fold. Samsung takes pride in saying that ten years after the first ever galaxy, they haven’t just changed the shape of the phone rather transformed the entire shape of the future. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the first ever foldable phone by Samsung.

According to Justin Denison, the SVP of Product Marketing Samsung, The Galaxy Fold is unlike another mobile device available in the market and is going to be the pioneers in revolutionizing the technology. The Galaxy Fold is going to be a multi-purpose device that will serve both as a potent device and a ground-breaking tab at the same time. When the Galaxy Fold is folded, it serves as a smartphone with a 4.6-inch display but when it is folded, it is transformed into a tablet with an immense 7.3-inch infinity flex display.

State-of-the-Art Hinge System

When on one side, the idea of the foldable phone is definitely exciting but it comes with a challenge of a strong backbone for the device that can stay strong yet flexible and doesn’t break after thousands of folding and unfolding attempts. In order to address this issue, Samsung has invented a refined hinge system which enables the users to open and close the device in a smooth and natural manner. And the best part of this folding system is that the mechanism is so smooth that it is undetectable by the human eye. The multiple airlocks of the hinge are hidden to ensure a sophisticated and seamless outlook of the device.

Color Choices

The Galaxy Fold will be available in four color choices:

  • Cosmos Black
  • Space Silver
  • Martian Green
  • Astro Blue

The users can personalize the hinge color in accordance with the color of the device.


  • The Galaxy Fold has got a 12 GB RAM that makes it one of the most powerful smartphones available.
  • It has got 512 GB of inbuilt memory
  • A six-camera system with three rear cameras, two inside and one front camera
  • LTE and 5G version

Visuals and Audio

The Galaxy Fold is a perfect device for any kind situation with two different screens. When the device is closed, it fits perfectly in the palm of the user allowing them to text or message on the go. The device has got immersive visuals and surround sound so that the viewers can enjoy their favorite programs in vibrant colors and rich audio. The device comes with such a large screen to ensure the true next-generation experience for the users.

Three App Multi-tasking

It has got three app multi-tasking and the users can simultaneously watch YouTube videos, text about them to the friends and browse more information on the internet.

App Continuity

It is not just a device that can be folded but it is actually a unified device where all three screens play their role to give a singular seamless multi-screen experience. All this is possible with the inventive App continuity mechanism with which the users can actually switch between the screens without losing a single beat. If the user is browsing on the Instagram on the front display, then he can unfold and continue to watch on the bigger screen without experiencing any sort of glitch.

The Galaxy Fold will be available in the market starting from $1980 from 26th April 2019.