Samsung Galaxy F Phone – Are You Ready For A Foldable Phone?

Samsung Galaxy F Phone, Samsung Galaxy X,
Courtesy: YouTube

Samsung is one of the pioneer smartphone brands that have produced some of the most outstanding products! Samsung products attracted the consumers by fulfilling their need of smartphones with the latest and advanced features. Samsung wants everyone to enjoy its products so the products are not specifically designed to entertain the elite class but the option of mid-range products is also boasted by the company. From Galaxy to Aces to S series to Note, you can find the latest features, amazing camera, and advanced processors! This time Samsung is enjoying all the attention for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy F Foldable phone or Samsung Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy F Phone, Samsung Galaxy X,
Courtesy: YouTube

This digitally innovative era calls for tech advancement and Samsung is considering it to be an opportunity to be the unmatchable “Giant of the Smartphone Industry”. Samsung is planning to launch a new high-tech smartphone with updated features that can beat any phone with its design. Yes, we are talking about the foldable smartphone by Samsung.

Features of Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy F Phone

Samsung Galaxy F phone or Samsung Galaxy X is an exclusive smartphone and it teased the audience at the launch event with its first appearance. Samsung official said,

Before we take it to the market, we want to share with developers what we’ve done so far and see what they think of it.

Prior to Samsung, only one mobile brand took the risk of launching a foldable smartphone and it didn’t pay off. With a prestigious name of Samsung, it is hoped that the Samsung Galaxy F Foldable phone will supersede the expectations of the customers and leave a lasting impression.

The screen does look similar to Samsung tablet and closes like a book (when folding the phone). This model of Samsung has 4.5 inch screen which will be in use only when the phone is closed, once open, it boasted an impressive 7.3 inch screen that will change the game of mobile screen in an impressive manner. The screen is double the size if compared with the regular smartphones.

The screen is automatically shifted based on the fact that you want to use the folded version or the whole screen. As Samsung Galaxy X is focusing on wooing the audience with its screen size, it focused on a new display and termed it “Infinity Flex Display”. The software is Android but Samsung is working on bringing their own customized OS known as “One UI”.

It is a huge step for Samsung to launch a new class of phone and the question is, will it be an affordable one? Because Samsung Galaxy series has always targeted mid-range audience. Let’s bath in the excitement of this new foldable phone for now and wait to see if it can impress the users.