Eight New AI Projects To Be Displayed By Samsung C-Lab At CES 2019!

Eight New AI Projects To Be Displayed By Samsung C-Lab At CES 2019

We human beings are still evolving. From stone age to civilizations, the industrial revolution to the internet, web-based to cloud-based and now digital transformation to Artificial intelligence and robotics. There is no stopping in innovations and inventions dedicated to serve humanity and to make our daily lives simple and easy. In the pursuit of AI, Samsung Electronics is all set to showcase eight inventive projects developed by its Creative Lab (C-Lab) program at CES 2019!

Not only this, C-Lab has given an opportunity to eight start-ups to exhibit their commercial products at CES 2019 to be held in Eureka park from 8th – 11th January 2019. This is a golden opportunity for the start-ups to meet investors to explore different business avenues.

What is C-Lab?

Creative Lab was first established in 2012 as an in-house incubator that gives opportunities to creative Samsung employees to refine their innovative ideas. The basic motivation behind C-lab is to promote creativity in a corporate environment. This program has got a diversified category list to support business ideas from multiple domains.  All those Samsung employees who successfully complete C-lab projects can Launch their own start-ups with the help of C-Lab spin-off policy introduced in 2015. C-Lab also helps the projects to find investors and funding and business consultants to help in business growth and market compatibility.

CES 2019

C-Lab is all set to introduce a greater number of projects in CES 2019 as compared to its debut in CES 2016. This is an established platform to assist and guide the start-ups to refine the projects in such a way that the prototypes can be transformed to finished commercial products to be introduced in the market.

C-Lab Projects

Following is the list of new eight C-lab projects:

  • Tisplay – in-video virtual ad service
  • aiMo – ASMR sound recording solution
  • MEDEO – instant video-making service

  • PRISMIT – AI news analysis service
  • Perfume Blender – custom perfume making service
  • Girin Monitor Stand – auto-adjusting monitor

  • alight – AI desk light
  • SnailSound – hearing assistant solution

Eight Start-up Projects

Following eight start-ups are also going to exhibit their newly release products ready to be available in the commercial market. CES 2019 will definitely help them in exploring business opportunities globally.

  • MOPIC – Glasses-free 3D solution for any display devices
  • LINKFLOW – Neckband-form wearable 360 camera
  • Lululab – Artificial intelligence (AI) skincare assistant
  • WELT – Smart healthcare belt
  • Cooljamm company – Automated music producer
  • MONIT – Smart baby monitor
  • BLUEFEEL – Smart communication device for helmet users
  • Analogue plus – Portable air purifier and mini head fan

CES 2019 Innovation Award Winners

It is interesting to note that three of C-Lab spin-offs have been awarded CES 2019 Innovation awards. The wearable camera FITT360 by LINKFLOW has been given an award in Digital Imaging category for consecutive two years. Not only that MOPIC and lululab have been recognized with awards in the Portable Media Players and Accessories and Biotech categories. The list of awards goes on since the C-Lab spin-off companies have been declared as winners six times since 2016 thus establishing themselves as the pioneers of technology-based products in the market.