Salman Sufi Receives Mother Teresa Award In Mumbai

Salman Sufi receives Mother Teresa Award
Courtesy: Dawn

Salman Sufi is recognized globally for being the international public policy and gender reforms specialist and has received one of the noblest awards of all time i.e., the Mother Teresa Award. He received the award in Mumbai (India) for consecutively working over the time span of four years to empower the female population of South Asia. His works primarily focused on empowering women which is one step towards brighter Pakistan.

The event was attended by the renowned Bollywood film actors and directors along with the other award receivers that made the event even more auspicious.

Contribution Of Salman Sufi

Salman Sufi has been involved in authoring the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act (2016). In addition to that, he also formulated a help center in South Asia that focused on the issue of domestic violence. This help center is recognized with the name of ‘Violence Against Women Center’ that has constantly remained focused on helping such victims who could be brought back to the daylight. The issue of domestic violence is one of the most common issues faced by the women of South Asia, it is also one of the main reasons why they ought to be constantly supported and enlightened which is one of the objectives brought to practice by Salman Sufi. His efforts to empower and facilitate women was recognized by the international media and NGOs and made the most powerful candidate for Mother Teresa Award!

Women on Wheels was also another campaign carried out by Salman Sufi that was focused on creating ease for women’s mobility. This is a very remarkable step executed especially in the case of Pakistan where women are bound to be with their family members in order to travel. In a case like this, it becomes quite challenging to go to a college or university and this issue can be resolved through this program.

Salman Sufi receives Mother Teresa Award
Courtesy: Samaa TV

Advocate For Women Rights

Salman Sufi is the advocate of women’s rights and works for them. Furthermore, he is also very considerate of the issues that women face and talk in their favor because they are unable to stand for themselves. He has become their advocate for bringing back the core principles that the strong should be the champion for the weaker beings. Not only has he worked for Pakistani women but on the other hand, he also talks about the issues that women face in our neighboring country India as well and this approach made him the ideal candidate for Mother Teresa Award.

There is a need to educate women against these issues and empower them, he further says and he acknowledged the constant support of Shahbaz Sharif (who is the former chief minister of Punjab).

Salman Sufi receives Mother Teresa Award
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

Future Goals

Salman Sufi will keep working for women’s rights and he is planning to create project networks that will spread out in all of the SAARC countries. This is just a single step towards embarking on an endless journey because it sure is a long way. However, the future does seem promising if such strategies keep coming forward that favor women and provide them their rights in the society.