Saleem Safi Is Getting Trolled AND We Are Low-Key Enjoying It!

trolled on social media for defending Nawaz Sharif
Saleem Safi trolled
Saleem Safi is a Pakistani journalist, anchorperson mainly known for his appearance in TV talk shows related to current affairs. Few days ago he was living a peaceful life but now all of this have been changed.
Saleem Safi is getting trolled for saying that Nawaz Sharif paid for the expenses of the Prime Minister House.
Saleem Safi
He is getting the trolling of  a lifetime on social media after the address of Imran Khan. Talking about the concept of Naya Pakistan, Imran Khan stated that he will reduce the expenses of Prime Minister house. He criticized the previous government and provided the overview of the tax money used for the luxuries of the politicians.
 Pakistan’s Prime Minister has 524 workers, 80 cars, of which 33 are bullet proof. The price of each is more than Rs.5 crore; helicopters, aeroplanes; the Prime Minister House is spread over 1100 canals, we have Governor Houses, Rest Houses, Chief Ministers’ Houses they have cars, Secretaries 100 have 2/3 cars.
The address was highly anticipated and Imran Khan’s effort were appreciated by national and international media. Next day, en route to court, Nawaz Sharif stated that he paid the expenses of Prime Minister house from his personal account and have cheques to prove it (even though he don’t have money trail)!

The Dabang Entry of Saleem Safi

The media should be independent but it is not! It is biased and often controlled by a specific political party. Geo has always remain in limelight for its support to PML-N government. During a TV program in Geo, Saleem Safi said that Nawaz Sharif used to pay the expense of Prime Minister House from his own pocket! Not to mention, the video went viral on social media and number of people responded to the “Fake News” including Sami Ibrahim. As Pakistani,  we are happy to freeze the moment by meme-ing it, so the people and were pissed with this statement and they did not disappoint!

This Epic Comparison

Then there were self-appointed investigators!

That On-point Shade!

I Can’t Even!! LMAO

Nailed it!!

Now this is too much!!

We Are Like!!!

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves and Saleem Safi gave us a reason to smile (laugh actually)!! If you interested in the FAKE claims, watch the video of Nawaz Sharif trying to explain…