Take Inspiration From This Girl From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa!

Saba Gul
Courtesy: Parhlo

Recently, pictures and statements of a girl from the Buner district of KP (Saba Gul) have been circulating on social media, earning a large degree of attention and have become a source of positivity. So, what is all this about?

Well, in 2005 a girl named Saba Gul was playing with her friends when high-tension wires fell on her and she was electrocuted. She was taken to a nearby hospital where the doctors, in an attempt to save her life amputated both her upper limbs. Later, she was told that her limbs could have been saved if she had reached a more advanced hospital in time.

These types of cases are ordinary and happen from time to time. However, something which set Saba’s story apart from the rest is how she has moved forward in life despite this major hindrance.

Even after losing her hands, Saba Gul kept working diligently, focusing on her studies and managed to get admission in the Islamia College in Peshawar, becoming the first girl to get higher education in her family.

Saba Gul
Courtesy: Parhlo

Furthermore, after her accident, she worked to become independent in her daily activities with her aim being to not have to rely on others for help. Today, she can perform most tasks herself and takes pride in her achievements.

She plans on being a lawmaker, taking inspiration from Asma Jehangir, a female law-maker who passed away recently in Pakistan.

Another role model for Saba was Muniba Mazari, a celebrity who must use a wheelchair for the most part after a major accident. Mazari has also overcome most of her hurdles and has become a voice for the physically disabled in Pakistan, something which Saba Gul also plans on doing.

Mazari tweets regularly:

With this news breaking, people on social media were in awe of the intense commitment and dedication this girl has portrayed, with many taking inspiration from her for overcoming such circumstances. People commented on her bravery and applauded her for not letting anything get in the way of her being a successful lawyer.

However, her story does bring to negative things to light with one being the healthcare system of the country and the other the rights of the physically disabled.

It is unfortunate that the healthcare system of the country is so backward that a person had to lose their limbs just because the doctors or the facilities weren’t up to the level, with this case just being one of many.

Furthermore, Gul’s story also highlights how much the physically disabled must struggle with prosthetic limbs being a luxury only a few can afford.

Though she has proved to be an inspiration for many, the government should look at this case carefully and see how the things which went wrong can be altered so that the same doesn’t happen to someone else.