Resurrecting the Vision of Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah. Period.

The word itself is enough that doesn’t require much explanation. The women who contributed to the freedom of this nation as the first pioneer lady. The roles and the capabilities she upheld to serve this nation selflessly without any personal interest cannot be diminished from the history. She is the perfect role model for today’s women. However, there is one part of the history that sabotages my mental capacity of how bigoted and unthankful attitude was shown by the people of Pakistan.

July 31st marked the birthday of this great leader. It is indeed a sad reality that we realize the importance of such intellectuals when they are no more.

An iron lady & a visionary leader

An iron lady, a dental surgeon, a philosopher, an intellect, the mother of nation, and the list that doesn’t expire – the qualities of the first “first lady” of Pakistan. The speeches that still thrill us. The intellect analysis that still supersede our mental capacities. The strength that shattered many “macho” like beings. She was not just a person who came out after seeing the irregularities in Pakistan – a country that his brother, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed for – she struggled for independence of Pakistan and couldn’t bear seeing everything going in vain. She came out as a visionary leader, breaking all the barriers of gender inequality, and stood as rock against all the odds.

And…we did not deserve her!

A first woman to face dictator and highlight the problems of the common masses. She contested elections and educated the people about the importance of votes. Her speeches reflect her as the pioneer democratic and modest personality that could never compromise on principles and ideology. Her speeches covered all the paradigms of the society that we still face: from elections, provincialism, unity, strength, civic rights, franchise, irony, food, crisis, etc., to amenities, stability, democracy, gateway to progress, industrial plants, and so many important aspects that are still resonated as issues and problems.

When I started revisiting the speeches and opinions of Fatima Jinnah, I was shocked to see such a modern and progressive approach that is very unlikely to be seen now-a-days from the leaders. She was up-to-date with the state machinery, the importance of technology, and social and fiscal issues. Most of the statements are still fresh and it seems as if the person living today has pictured the issues in Pakistan and delivered a careful and vigilant analysis.

Raw Agent – Such a pioneer lady was beastly bickered constantly.

If we disregard our leaders like that, how are we able to continue our journey towards progressive, modern, and developed Pakistan? The nation so desperate to mock the intellectuals cannot change its fate. From Liaquat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Benazir Bhutto – all faced bigotry from a nation. Disagreement to policies and opinions is fine. However, mocking any people with dubious mind and disrespecting them public with unethical and immoral ways is a disaster that we should stop NOW. Whoever calls out to differentiate from the popular belief is nothing but a RAW and ISI agent. Is this the freedom of speech and freedom of expression that Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah struggled for? We should not be leading ourselves to be lynched in the volcano of intolerance that spares nothing. However, if it continues, we will loss the morality and social values; and bringing them back will be another unlucky destiny.

Deeds not slogans. Period

This is not a philosophical statement, rather the summated words of Fatima Jinnah, which she delivered in one of her speeches,

“Not slogans but deeds, not aggressiveness but service, not fanaticism but sympathy and tolerance have to be our watchwords. There is enough politics in the country. I certainly do not decry politics as something ugly or detest-able. But I do believe that there is lamentable dearth of the spirit of quiet unostentatious work of constructive value.”

In today’s time, where we have lost patience and tolerance. Political parties who are accusing each other. Youth that is busy in using slang in discussion instead of intellectual debate. I would urge you all to let’s focus on the words of the “mother of the nation” and let’s remove these bigoted elements that are causing the nation a serious distress. Let’s uphold to unity and instill tolerance in ourselves to accept the reality that there is always diversity in opinions – and that’s the beauty of democracy.

I hope that will happen. And with that, Fatima Jinnah will win.

Pakistan Zindabad. Period.