How You Can Register Your Imported Phones In Pakistan?

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Courtesy: The News

Mobile phones are a necessity, the time is passed when it was considered a luxury only the blessed ones can afford. With the increased interested in the mobile market, the companies got creative and the competition is savage! From luxury to necessity to personalized style statement, you cannot deny the importance of cell phones. Due to emerging mobile phones features and their look, imported mobile phones are very much famous in the market and user of Pakistan. Most of the customers prefer to import mobile phone as a part of passenger’s luggage or can order online.

Due to the rising line order situation government of Pakistan ordered that imported mobiles phones in Pakistan should be registered so that they don’t play any part in the terrorist activities. Federal board of revenue (FBR) takes the initiative for the solution of this problem. FBR emphasized that all phones that are imported in Pakistan in any form should be registered either as a part of luggage of passenger’s or ordered online.

FBR introduced an easy process for to register imported mobile phones. You have to approach your nearest Customs Collectorate office and declared the file and pay the required taxes as customer’s duty for the registration of your smartphone.

Costumers General Order (CGO) 2018 was launched by FBR and got approved by cabinet so that under this order Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) is responsible that communication services are provided to only compliant mobiles phones.  PTA also developed a system called Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) so that it can fully implement and achieve the objectives that are passed in CGO 2018.

  1. Smartphones carried by foreign passengers
  2. Online order via Post

Smartphones Carried By Foreign Passengers

International passengers carry their mobile phone for their daily usage. It is necessary for them to register their mobile phone by PTA.

  • The passenger should declare his/her mobile phone at costumes office in the airport.
  • After receiving a mobile phone, Customs authorities will do necessarily required verification under the PTA
  • PTA system generated CoC and after that passenger shall deposit the duty fee and in this way, the mobile phone will be registered of international passengers.

Online Order

A mobile phone that is imported into Pakistan via postal services or online orders should also be registered as;

  • Custom authorities first apprehend mobile phone and then will issue stamp deceleration form to the applicant.
  • Applicant than follows the instruction that is available on the PTA
  • The PTA authority release a CoC, and same is sent to costumes authorizes, as soon as the recipient of CoC by PTA, customs authorities will hand over mobile to the applicant.

If customs authorities did not receive CoC by the PTA, they will take necessary action as per law.

This how you can register your imported mobile phone in Pakistan and eliminate the hassle and consequences of using an unregistered device.