Rearts- Surviving In The Digital Age!

Will rearts manage to survive in the future? Anything is a possibility here.
Courtesy: rearts - User Blog

There are so many Pakistani songs that have come out in the past but were one hit wonders. They flooded social media but then disappeared off the radar pretty quickly. Musicians have always struggled in Pakistan to actually generate substantial royalties from their music. Coming to the present day, there is a company that could have helped those artists gain a lot of outreach if it existed during that time. Behind some of the finest artists in the scene right now for example Kashmir, Bayaan, Mughal-E-Funk, Naseer Afridi, 21 and many more, are people that work from behind the curtains. The scope of their work is not limited to just music but anything related to the performing arts sphere such as drama, dance along with other art forms. Rearts is the brainchild of Najam Ul Assar (CEO), Ahmad Butt (Managing Director), Azeem Hamid (Creative Director) and Shoaib Iqbal (Business Development).

Starting in 2017, it has come a long way in just two years. The innovation was to fuse technology and arts and help artists become self sustainable in the long run. It’s not only related to helping artists show their potential but also covers the legalities amongst other things that an artist may not know about. In a small office, the Rearts team maps out digital strategies that lead to maximum outreach. They also arrange shows for them which are protected by legal contracts and also help their music gets out and become sustainable. Their office may be small but they generate big ideas especially Rearts records.

While parent company Rearts did 50+ events/festivals last year, Rearts records have signed many multi-genre artists under it and distributed 100+ tracks since last October. While some record labels are failing in meeting the new standards of the music industry, Rearts is dominating the digital music market in Pakistan despite running a lean operation.

Rearts has put Pakistani music on music streaming platforms including those which are not available in Pakistan as of yet such as Spotify and other major platforms. What rearts artists have benefitted from are verified profiles on Spotify, Apple Music alongside getting integrated into official Spotify curated playlists like Release Radar & Discover Weekly. Bayaans EP- 4 Saal even made it to the Deezer front page in hot new releases while Mugha- E-Funk’s EP “Sultanat” has been played on radio stations in Europe. Rearts, in general, is a blessing for many performing artists in the country. They have a lot of plans such as working with many more artists in the future, the launch of a freelance portal, more concerts, releases and more.

But is it too early to call it a success story? Running a record label in Pakistan where piracy is rampant is not an easy task. Even record labels such as Fire Records backed by big companies like Geo succumbed to it. So is it different for Rearts? Not really, in fact, it might even prove to be difficult for them considering that is a record label surviving on its own without any big corporations help. Will Pakistan’s frail economy let the label survive for long or will it manage to achieve its mission? No one knows.

Will this prediction prove true is the bigger question? Will Rearts manage to survive in the future? Anything is a possibility here. Many problems might come or perhaps they already have? Whatever the case, they’re currently doing great with their ideas and collaborations with artists that have appeared in many corporate music shows and independent artists too. Currently, the Pakistani performing arts ecosystem is blooming and Rearts is here to stay