A Father Doesn’t Deserve To Hear The News Of His Son’s Demise From Reporters!

The Reporter Should Apologize To Qamar Zaman Kaira!
Courtesy: Images Dawn

With each news and headlines, I wonder why and how we stooped this low. What are the circumstances the led our reporter to be this crude. Yes, I am talking about the insensitive action the reporter to break the news of Usama Qamar’s death to the father Qamar Zaman Kaira.

This action is wrong on so many level but maybe we don’t care about it anymore! Even though social media users pointed out the error and this insensitivity, nobody know if these things won’t be repeated in the future.

From showing dead bodies to bomb-blast footage to disperse and destroyed human organ, our media channels know no limit. Such events indicate that media is tone-deaf and the only priority of a news reporter and so-called media personnel is RATING. What happened to being human? What happened to sensitivity? What happened to common courtesy?

To capture one emotion of Qamar Zaman Kaira’s face, our reporter blast away the question in the most obnoxious way!

Sir, suna h aap ke bety ki death hogai?

The Reporter Should Apologize To Qamar Zaman Kaira!
Courtesy: Global Village Space

Seriously? Is this the way to break the devastating news to someone? Is this how you want to get the news in case of your relative?

You can ask pointy questions related to the profession of a public figure, you cannot ask personal questions, and especially not ask the confirmation, maybe next it will be ideal; to ask them to show you death certificates!

Our media lack compassion and decency. The race for rating altered the sense of common courtesy. We have seen a hosting insulting females for wearing cosmetics, a host’s allegation on young student for the crimes she did not commit, a channel clearly reporting distorted dead bodies, morning shows making fun of Asian skin tones, distribution of orphans, and now reporters confirming from a father of his son is dead yet?

This is a new low for us as a nation!