PTI’s 100 Days Plan – Let’s Recall All The Promises!

PTI 100 Days

On the 20th of May 2018, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf presented its first 100 days plan, which they said they would complete if and when they came into power. As fate would have it, PTI won the elections of 2018 and became the ruling party on July 25th. As per Khan Sahab’s or PTI’s 100 days plan the agenda of revitalizing the economy, strengthening the federation, revolution in the governance & social services and amping up the country’s national security were on the list too. Khan Sahab spoke about the importance of greenery, saving water and the sustainable way to lead life. He acknowledged global warming as a massive issue and planned to address it in the first 100 days in power. Imran Khan was serious about his plans unlike previous governments, who make false promises but once elected, fail to deliver. On the 18th of August 2018, as soon as Imran Khan took his oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. His time began. The six major reforms he discussed in his 100 day plan were:

  1. Transform Governance
  2. Strengthen the Federation
  3. Revitalise Economic Growth
  4. Uplift Agriculture and Conserve Water
  5. Revolutionalise Social Services
  6. Ensure Pakistan’s National Security
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Newsburry

Let’s see how PTI faired when it came to meeting these reforms.

Under the banner of Transforming the Governance, here is what PTI has achieved so far.

  • Bring accountability to the centre of government
  • Empower people at the grassroots
  • Depoliticize and strengthen police
  • Revolutionalize access to justice
  • Initiate civil services reform

Bring Accountability To The Centre Of Government

  • PTI Established task force to inspect and suggest amendments to NAB law
  • PTI initiated the step to review of NAB law to recommend amendments to strengthen functioning of NAB
  • Preparations to share amendments with parliamentary parties were made
  • Meeting for review of Mutual Legal Assistance Bill were initiated by PTI
  • Finalization with relevant stakeholders of the of draft MLA Bill with relevant stakeholders
  • Declaration of UK/Pakistan Justice and Accountability partnership was successfully completed
  • Establish a special task force to recover looted national wealth was successfully created
  • Update on work done by the taskforce published at the end of 100 Days is due, only then can we truly see the success this step has achieved
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Pakistan Today

Empower People At The Grassroots

  • Review of Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab LG system have been started. PTI was more successful in KPK than in Punjab
  • PTI proposed blueprints for revamped LG system for Punjab & KPK and to develop new ICT systems for the people

Depoliticize And Strengthen Police

  • PTI successfully appointed the IGs in all provinces
  • Appointment of reform lead for Punjab completed has also been initiated by PTI
  • PTI has also started to revamped police Act for KP, and draft Police Act developed for other provinces to present to provincial assemblies. Once the drafts reach the assemblies, only then can we see the change materialize
  • PTI's 100 day plan
    Courtesy: Imran Khan’s Promises Tracker

Revolutionize Access To Justice

  • Civil Law and Criminal Law Reforms task forces were successfully created
  • Review of Civil Laws to recommend amendments to achieve expeditions and adjudication of Civil cases has also been put into action
  • Initiate draft legislation for Civil Procedure and  Criminal Law Reforms  has been initiated
  • Review of substantive laws and procedures in relation to issuance of letters and succession certificates has been started
  • Legal Vetting of Disability, Corporal Punishment and Torture Bill fast tracked in light of the recent heart-wrenching cases
  • Finalization of legislation for setting Legal Aid Authority under Ministry of Human Rights has been initiated

Initiate Civil Services Reform

  • Appoint people to fill key positions
  • Imran Khan will address the people to motivate them
  • Civil Services Reform task force notified, first meeting held, and timeline for reform work committed steps to accomplish this are underway

One point of PTI’s 100 days planwas to strengthen the federation. Here is their progress on this.

  • Consolidate integration of FATA with Pakhtunkhwa
  • Champion reconciliation in Balochistan
  • Spearhead creation of a South Punjab province along administrative lines
  • Begin transforming Karachi
  • Initiate poverty alleviation drive for poorest districts across Pakistan

Consolidate Integration Of FATA With Pakhtunkhwa

  • PTI has successfully established the former FATA reforms task force which was the major focus of PTI’s 100 days plan
  • PTI also announced a former FATA Mega Development Plan that will receive funding from the federal government
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Weekly Cutting Edge

Champion Reconciliation In Balochistan

  • Prime Minister and members of Federal cabinet meeting held in Quetta with the local leadership included
  • Working group on Balochistan established including both federal and Balochistan representatives
  • Reconciliation policy outlines launched, with action plan was developed but is due to be set into motion

Spearhead Creation Of A South Punjab Province

A South Punjab province working group was created as per PTI 100 days plan.

Begin Transforming Karachi

Task force along with a lead for the “Karachi Transformation Plan” has been put into motion as per PTI’s 100 days plan and you can see the visible difference in Karachi due to the ongoing encroachment drive.

Initiate Poverty Alleviation Drive

  • Poverty alleviation strategy has been developed. In various instances, Imran Khan has said he wants to adopt China’s methodology to get rid of poverty once and for all.
  • Introduction of Sehat Insaf Card in former FATA, KPK and Punjab has been initiated
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Pakistan Today

Revitalize Economic Growth   

  • Rapidly create jobs for the youth was the major focus of PTI’s 100 days plan.
  • Revive manufacturing and facilitate rapid growth of SME sector
  • Launch policy framework to build 5 million houses
  • Boost the tourism industry
  • Reform the tax administration
  • Make Pakistan business friendly
  • Transform key institutions
  • Fix Pakistan’s Energy Challenge
  • Ensure CPEC translates into a game changer
  • Enhance access to finance

Rapidly Create Jobs For The Youth

  • Under this, PTI has launched the National job creation strategy
  • Appointed a Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: The News

Revive Manufacturing & Facilitate Rapid Growth Of SME Sector

  • PTI announced an economic support package and a National Tariff Policy too
  • Another valiant attempt by PTI was to initiate the clearing of backlogs in cases of refunds and rebates
  • Punjab & KPK Industrial Policy as well as the labor policy for KPK is also being worked upon

Launch Policy Framework To Build 5 Million Houses

The program has been initiated and the kinks are being worked out.

Boost The Tourism Industry

  • A much needed Task force on tourism was successfully established
  • The Private Sector investment framework has been developed but Is in the initial sector
  • PTI also managed to launch different provincial tourism strategies

Reform The Tax Administration

  • The new FBR Chairman was successfully appointed
  • Tax policy developed and FBR Reform blueprint have been initiated

Make Pakistan Business Friendly

  • The Council of Economic Advisors and the Business Leaders Council were both appointed
  • PTI launched a strategy called the “Ease of Doing Business” strategy

Transform Key Institutions

  • PTI successfully created a holding company for State Owned Enterprises and attempted to bring back wealth into Pakistan by shifting State Owned Enterprises to Pakistan Wealth Fund

Fix Pakistan’s Energy Challenge

  • The Energy Taskforce was notified successfully
  • A solid 5 year integrated energy plan was made and shared

Ensure CPEC Translates Into A Game Changer

  • The inaugural Cabinet committee  meeting was successfully carried out
  • The CPEC working group was established whereas the CPEC Strategy reviewed, developed and made available

Enhance Access To Finance

  • The NFIS- National Financial Inclusion Strategy has been initiated
  • A Plan was developed to increase deposit base of banks
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Arab News PK

Uplift Agriculture And Conserve Water   

  • Impose agriculture emergency to increase farmer profitability
  • Subsidize and improve access to finance for farmers
  • Transform agriculture produce markets and incentivize value addition
  • Revamp the livestock sector
  • Upgrade and implement National Water Policy

Impose Agriculture Emergency To Increase Farmer Profitability

  • The National agriculture emergency working group was successfully created
  • The Punjab and KPK agriculture policy is also in the initial phase

Subsidize And Improve Access To Finance For Farmers

  • PTI also initiated arrangements with lending institutions
  • Lending products for farmers designed and developed
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: The Weekender

Transform Agriculture Produce Markets And Incentivize Value Addition

  • Legislation on private sector market participation has been successfully drafted
  • Markets expansion plan developed and announced
  • Incentive plan for food processing developed and announced

Revamp The Livestock Sector

  • The National livestock emergency working group has been created
  • Punjab and KPK livestock plan is in action

Upgrade And Implement National Water Policy

  • PTI set up a Council of Common Interests and a task force for National water policies
  • Even the Provincial water master plans was started
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: The Asia Foundation

 Revolutionize Social Services 

  • Transform Health & Education
  • Expand the Social Safety Net
  • Champion women development
  • Provide clean drinking water for all
  • Revolutionize green growth

Transform Health & Education

  • Federal / ICT strategy on Education and Health developed and published, outlining federal role on education, in line with the 18th amendment Initiated
  • KP and Punjab health and education 5 year blueprints are in the process of development

Expand The Social Safety Net

BISP review conducted, and BISP 2.0 plan has been completed

Champion Women Development

  • stakeholders were successfully  consulted for development of  the action plan on Criminal Justice and the plan has been initiated
  • an Awareness campaign on inheritance rights has been
  • Consultations with stakeholders for action plan on Inheritance Rights with Ministry of Human Rights
  • Action Plan on Inheritance Rights and women empowerment was developed

Provide Clean Drinking Water For All

  • Plan to supply clean drinking water for ICT and provincial capitals

Revolutionalise Green Growth

  • A task force to micro manage the climatic change has been made
  • The most successful project was the 10 billion tree tsunami project and it was highly successful. Now they have moved towards planting trees in urban areas
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: Daily Pakistan Global

 Ensure Pakistan’s National Security   

  • Update and expand institutional structure
  • Increase Pakistan’s regional and global relevance
  • Leverage foreign policy to strengthen the economy
  • Form a National Security Organization
  • Enhance internal security

Update And Expand Institutional Structure

  • Foreign Ministry reform blueprint launched
  • The need for an additional policy coordination cell reviewed, and decision on its establishment taken

Increase Pakistan’s Regional And Global Relevance

  • Key foreign policy issues were successfully identified
  • National positions, and plans of action on top priority issues, and in particular on Kashmir, approved by the Prime Minister

Leverage Foreign Policy To Strengthen The Economy

  • Joint Working Group for Commerce, Foreign Office, and Finance created and the trade roadmap was launched.

Form a National Security Organization

  • The current National Security organization structure is under review and needs to be developed
  • The options estimated and judgment on whether or not to form new NSO taken

Enhance Internal Security

  • All points of NAP are to be reviewed. The process has started
  • Implementation of revamped NAP has also started
PTI's 100 day plan
Courtesy: The Nation

Many tasks have been initiated, but very few have actually been completed. The completed tasks include easier tasks such as Imran Khan addressing the civil servants, selecting provincial IGPs, establishing tasks forces etc. But there is so much more to be done, and as the 100 days plan target is at an end, it seems unlikely that Imran Khan will be able to deliver what he promised. He may be on the right track, but his pace is very slow but let’s not forget that its been only 100 days. If I compare this government’s perfomance to the previous one, I can say that I am staisfied with PTI’s 100 days plan and thier overall perfomance.