Session Held By PTCL On Healthier Lifestyle For Office Workers!

Session Held By PTCL On Healthier Lifestyle For Office Workers!
Courtesy: PTCL

A breakdown of our five working days’ job from 9 AM – 6 PM reveals that we work 45 hours per week and spend approximately 40 percent of our majority of the day time in office. Such a routine is quite hectic and leaves no energy for any other healthy activity to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Not only that we deprive our body of any outdoor workout activity and sports but we also choose unhealthy on-the-go junk food that has got adverse effects on our body with unbalanced nutrition’s count thus severely disturbing our metabolism. PTCL is aiming to make its employees healthier – Want to know how?

PTCL is all set to face the challenge of an unhealthy lifestyle of office workers and has started to work on this 2019 new year’s resolution by organizing a session on “The importance of Nutrients for a healthier and happier life”. The audience of this session comprised mainly of the PTCL employees and it was also broadcasted live online via Facebook workplace.

The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Nosheen Abbas who is a certified nutritionist and consultant and has got a vast experience in this field. Her talked involved following four major problems faced by full-time employees:

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical and mental health
  • Workplace obesity
  • Stress eating

The motivation behind this talk is to create awareness among the employees to recognize these problems and take the necessary steps to avert them. The speaker emphasized the fact that apart from the physical fitness, the employees should also manage work stress to keep them mentally relaxed and calm.

Steps for a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Nosheen stated that the best ways to solve this problem are

  • To cut down on caffeine like tea and coffee, fizzy and carbonated drinks
  • Start light physical activity like brisk walking in the morning before or after office hours
  • The controlled portion of meals
  • Mini breaks after every 2 hours during the office
  • Avoid having lunch at the work desk
  • Teams should bring home cooked food and have lunch in groups
  • Availability of healthy snacks at the vending machine in the offices
  • Timed and scheduled eating habits
  • Increase water intake

Ahmad Jalal who is the EVP HR operations of PTCL also shared his experience of starting a healthier lifestyle in order to control high cholesterol levels by increasing physical activity, avoiding fatty foods by switching to healthy meals. He accentuated the fact that PTCL is taking measures to ensure a healthier lifestyle of its employees by arranging such kind of awareness sessions. He said that PTCL aims a stress-free work environment for its employees to establish an environment of a happy workplace.

“One size doesn’t fit all”

This is a very important learning point from the session that the different people have different demands for the nutrients and that people shouldn’t go for a random diet plan without evaluating your body’s required nutrition count.

The stats show that 40 million people in Pakistan are suffering from High Blood Pressure problem, 32 million from heart-related diseases, 18 million from High Cholesterol, 24 million from obesity, 8 million from diabetes and 50 million are suffering from mental disorder and depression. All of these diseases are linked to our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

In order to live a healthier lifestyle, we should learn to understand our mind and body connection with our eating habits. It’s important to consult a health professional who can advise a diet plan in accordance with our lifestyle and nutrients’ demands.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A session where different queries of attendees were answered related to the advantages of physical activity and workplace stress management. There were also stalls set up for PTCL employees to check Body Mass Index (BMI), consultancy and customized diet plans.