Promoting Anger Among Children Is So Not Okay!

Child abuse by intellects
Courtesy: Awami Web

Earlier, I saw some videos of the Pathan kid, Ahmed, where he sounded so cute every time he shouted, “Oyeeee.” Wasn’t that cute? Perhaps, I thought a little different. I was very concerned about where are we going. The similar experience I had when I watched the videos of Fatima, another kid who was arguing with her mother in a quite different tone that is not familiar to the whole world. Perhaps, some jargon she spoke that are equally cute and inappropriate. Cute because she is a kid and inappropriate for the same reason. We are promoting anger among children by glorifying this behavior – Is it okay? I think not. I think it is child abuse!

Provoking Offense In Child Is Child Abuse

Perhaps that’s exactly the shift I am witnessing. I am a person who the whole world might think cheesy. Although I wasn’t born in that era, but I am fascinated by the trans of the beautiful culture and tradition of our 60’s and 70’s Pakistan that is equally forgotten by the major portion of the population. That era projected the elements of ethics, compassion, patience, and some other emotions; and I am struggling to find the accurate words in English. Being worried about the societal issues, which might seem little things, but just like the God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, every little thing requires high attention. Furthermore, not all little things are as little as we perceive them. Let’s learn from our great intellectuals of the past, let’s tease out some details.

Media Is At Its Worst!

Since I am 90’s kid and very much familiar with the PTV dramas and the trans of fixing antenna to watch the favorite child show, I can clearly remember Ainak Wala Jin, Meena TV series, Zawia, and other programs that taught us the essence and beauty of our culture and traditions. As children, we were taught how to talk to elders, how to respect them, and how to argue in an appropriate manner. In Ainak Wala Jin, we are strictly taught even if we have supernatural powers, we should not cheat at all. I can still remember the impact of that scene where the student character refrain from taking any help from the Ainak Wala Jin.

Child abuse by intellects
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I can still remember the parents in the program taking strict action against the children who tried to misbehave. Technology is now at fingertip access, and we are lagging the essence and beauty of the real world – everything is just so virtual. In out times, our guest used to laugh at our funny nursery rhymes.

These days, it is totally opposite. We have the cartoon character of Chota Bheem who steal, and everyone loves him. Now, guest laughs at children who say some inappropriate things, and if it is a slang – then the gathering gets the best toast. If it is cute, I am sorry, my definition of cuteness in child is different, and I am sorry if we are not at the same page. I am sorry, if I hurt your sensibilities when I say as a nation we are failing to raise our young in appropriate manner. I am sorry for all that but not my words that promoting the worst behavior among children is a new form of child abuse!

Playing With Child’s Psychology Is Just Not Okay!

When it comes to psychology and people equating elderly strictness to child’s mental issues, I feel doomed. Honestly, I have had several spanks in my childhood, it didn’t bother my mental horizons, and my mental faculties are still working with great diligence. I had to compose myself every time I had to meet with the guest. That did not lacked confidence in me rather it boosted, because now I am aware how to behave in different situations. Have you read the novel of Ashfaq Ahmed, “Saeen or Psychiatrist?” If not, you should. It relates to the current situation.

Child abuse by intellects
Courtesy: Melbourne Child Psychology

Learning to mock people at this stage, even if the people are those you don’t like as parents, it is still a wrong sign. Children should learn peace, love, compassion, smile, joy, happiness, and acceptance. Any thing negative should be discouraged before them. However, seeing the videos of Fatima, where she is openly hooting the politicians, and even her mother. I don’t know if her parents are concerned about her, but there are several children watching her and are being influence. And, it surely concerns me.

“Mama Aap mujhe Nawaz Shareef Lag rahi hy, Shahbaz Shareef Lag rahi hy, Maryam Nawaz lag rahi hy, jis tarah unho ne mulk ka paisa loota, aap ne mera paisa loot liya.”

You might feel nothing wrong in here, and you might laugh it away because obviously it is mocking the corrupt politicians. However, my concern is that this little innocent kid is saying it to her mother. That’s exactly what I consider inappropriate. Furthermore, when she mocked her mother of obesity, it was shocking as to where are we going. Fat shaming is a serious offense in the Western world, and in our country, where every slang is offense, these remarks are being used for a mother. If that’s not inappropriate, I don’t what is!

Promotion of Anger Is The New Trend?

In both the videos of Pathan Kid, Ahmed, and the little-angel-like girl, Fatima, I have witnessed the promotion and encouragement of anger as a new form of child abuse. At first, when the teacher was teasing the Pathan kid, it was not inappropriate, because obviously she emphasized:

“Pyaar se mango.”

It is why we say that teachers are the king makers, and surely, she might also be concerned with the Pathan kid being used to increase the ratings of the morning shows. I was literally shocked to see when Nida Yasir, the host of the morning show, was continuously provoking him as to show the anger. You are scaring me. It was beyond the limit, when she was asking other children to mimic the anger of the pathan kid. Anger is not a phase, it is an emotion which needs to be controlled. That’s why anger is being highly discouraged by the intellectuals, because harsh words ruin everything. Anger is a progressive emotion, which evolves. Consequently, if the child is being exposed to this emotion at this early age, and is being encourage, who knows when he will age, he will adapt what many forms of anger and it comes under the heading of child abuse. It might affect the parents in the long run.

With what should I conclude my article with? I can’t find anymore words. Please, deal with the kids appropriately and teach them positive emotions and discourage negativity before them. And, as a public, we have the responsibility as well. Stop sharing such videos. It is not a joke. I am dying to see a video where school children are shown cleaning their classrooms, planting trees, and singing and cheering beautiful rhymes.

I consider it a child abuse, and I would leave your decision to you. I highly condemn these videos. Period.