Professional Teeth Whitening At Home? Not A Problem

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

They say a smile has the power to light up a room, and rightly so because smiles are contagious. But achieving the perfect smile for that adorable selfie, for date night and for the meeting you need to nail is not always easy. Teeth should be your major focus in your skincare regime. Brushing your teeth a few times a day doesn’t cut it. Your teeth need the extra effort. Here are a few teeth whitening home remedies that will help you get that perfect smile so you can flash your pearly whites with pride.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home
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Beverages can stain your teeth

No matter how many times they brush their teeth or how many times they get their teeth professionally whitened; some people will always have yellow, stained teeth. This is the result of certain habits like consuming too much tea or coffee or apple cider vinegar and smoking. In order to have healthy, gleaming white teeth, you need to watch these habits. Consuming a lot of processed foods that are high in acid content, such as sodas, sweets and candies may also cause the enamel to erode and may result in brown and yellow tints on your teeth. So far it is the best tip for teeth whitening at home!

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home
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Unhealthy gums are the culprit too

Another deeply rooted cause of stained teeth is unhealthy gums. Proper oral care in the longer run helps eliminate this problem. You need to use a soft brush to avoid damaging your gums further and use a good quality mouth was to maintain oral hygiene for longer time periods.Take notes, teeth whitening is directly linked to gum health.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution!

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, both serve as antibacterial and whitening agents respectively, should be used for dental care, since they work like magic. Mix one teaspoon of each with water, use a tooth brush to apply it properly on your teeth. Leave this mixture on your teeth for 10 minutes and rinse well. Clean your teeth at least three times a week using this mixture and you will see a visible difference in your teeth soon.

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Citrus is your friend

Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange and grapefruits contain beneficial acids, which help whiten teeth. Dry the peels of citrus fruits. Add these dried peels in an electric grinder and grind till it is in powder form.  Mix the powder in water, swish it around your mouth for a minute and rinse properly. This will help in teeth whitening too!

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Yummy yet effective

Berries contain several beneficial antioxidants. Renowned model, Tyra Banks, tried this tooth whitening trick on her show, she blended strawberries, applied the mixture on her teeth and rinsed her mouth well afterwards. You don’t have to limit this home remedy to strawberries; you can use other berries too!

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home
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Activated charcoal-The mystery ingredient

Last but not the least, activated charcoal is the easiest way to get professional level teeth whitening at home. Activated charcoal is known to absorb toxins, in the case of teeth, it traps plaque. To whiten your teeth using this magical black portion, just dip a wet tooth brush in activated charcoal and brush as you normally would. Once done, rinse your mouth well. For best results, use it at least three times a week. Activated charcoal is easily available in the market; just ask your local pharmacy for some.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home
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Now you know all the tips to flaunt your smile with these natural teeth whitening hacks. Next time , don’t hesitate to charm your friends with those pearly white of yours!