Jazz And Mi Collaborated To Bring PocoPhone F1 With Fastest Internet Speed!

Pocophone F1

Getting a smartphone with a sleek design, advanced features, and the fastest internet speed is my only wish. I understand it is too much to ask but it seems that the dream is becoming a reality! Yes, I am talking about the latest buzz of the technology world, PocoPhone F1. Pakistan’s one of the leading telecom franchise “Jazz” collaborated with Mi Pakistan to enter in the smartphone industry by launching “PocoPhone F1″. As you can never go wrong with Jazz and its fastest 4G speed, the rumors of this collaboration fasten the heartbeats of millions.

Jazz And Mi Collaboration

The rumors related to the collaboration of Jazz and Mi for the launch of PocoPhone F1 have been roaming around for some time but they finally turned into reality. Mi fans were desperately waiting to encounter the model that goes with the tagline “Master of Speed”. As Jazz is known for its fastest 4G service, hopefully, this collaboration will turn out to be the perfect combination for PocoPhone F1. There are numerous advantages that the consumers will enjoy from Jazz and Mi collaboration:

  1. Jazz is offering endless internet bundles if you are PocoPhone F1 user.
  2. With every purchase, the customer gets an internet data package of 6GB for 6 months.
  3. Jazz has also strategized to offer an installment plan for the Pocophone F1 to satisfy the needs of the customers.

The History Of An Effective Collaboration

The reason behind the collaboration between Mi and Jazz is to provide exclusive internet packages to the Mi Redmi 5 and 5 plus customers. Both the previous models received a heartwarming response from the users within the first few days of the exclusive episodes of the campaign. Some of you might have missed this amazing offer, so this is your chance to avail once in a lifetime opportunity to have the best smartphone with endless internet bundle and speed.

Features OF Pocophone F1

Pocophone F1 is a dream come true for regular customer and gamers who crave to get a smartphone with high frame rates. It is interesting to dive deep into the list of features provided by POCO F1 apart from the “obvious” internet speed.

Jazz and Mi collaborated to bring PocoPhone F1
Courtesy: Pocket-lint

The hardware and software of PocoPhone F1 come with Al dual camera, with the unexpected 20MP front camera that will allow the user to capture every memory with crystal clear quality. Another unique feature of POCO F1 is its MIUI has been highly customized that will allow you to modify each setting which will enhance the performance and will make the device faster, lighter and smoother.

Pocophone F1 also comes with the effective and competent customer care services officially sponsored by Smart Link Technologies. Smart Link Technologies is the leading distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan with more than 11 MI outstanding stores nationwide.

Mi and Jazz collaborated to launch their unique, outstanding smartphone, no doubt a debut model from a telecom franchise. As both the companies have a reputation to hold their customer’s trust, we can say it was a safe bet. POCO F1 was well received in Pakistan as all of the stocked models are sold in less than 4 hours! You can say that brand trust pays off well!