PM Khan Donates Rs 16.5 Million Wristwatch Gifted By Muhammad Bin Salman!

Prime Minister Imran Khan's Watch
Courtesy: Dawn

Remember the PTI’s drive to cut expenses? Well, it seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan is still following it. Our beloved Prime Minister set another example of patriotism by depositing a gift worth millions of rupee to the national exchequer and we are feeling so proud! Yes, I am talking about Imran Khan’s watch!

According to the reports, the PM watch was a Swiss luxury brand “Chopard” and worth a whopping 16.5 million PKR! It was presented to the Prime Minister by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman during the visit of PM to Saudi Arabia last month. Prime Minister could have accepted the watch and kept it by paying 10 percent which sums as 1.65 million PKR but he decided to submit it to the national exchequer.

Who can forget the trip of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Saudi Arabia? It created so much hype and the opposition was continuously targeting the current government that PM is begging for the financial aid. Well, we also remember the personal trips of Nawaz Sharif and his family used to accompany him. As a common citizen of Pakistan, I think that the standards should be set to judge the politicians too. I appreciate my Prime Minister for this act of patriotism.

Imran Khan’s social media followers are praising him for this gesture and I cannot agree with hem more. As a leader of the country, he is setting an amazing example. His followers will take this example as a guideline to improve their practices and we couldn’t ask for me. Recently, he banned ministers and high official to seek medical facilities from abroad and this action reflects that he is serious about improving the condition of the country.

Imran khan’s watch is deposited to the national treasury, if Nawaz Sharif deposit all his gifts and all the looted money, we will be filthy rich. Think about it!