PM Cars Auction – 102 Luxury Vehicles To Be Sold Above Market Value

PM car auction
Courtesy: RS News

When Imran Khan came into power, he vowed to rule his tenure with simplicity. He maintained this stance during his oath taking ceremony and it is followed at all high profile meetings. The premiere of Pakistan feels that the money of the national exchequer spent by the government on luxurious events, lunches and lifestyle enjoyed by those in power is a way to cheat the people of Pakistan. Not only does Imran Khan follow his policy of austerity, but he makes others adhere to it too. One of the best example of this simplicity is PM cars auction which will take place today!

Keeping in line with his austerity policy, Imran Khan had announced to auction vehicles from the PM house. The auction is taking place today. There are a total of 102 luxury vehicles belonging to the PM house that will be up for auction today. Out of the 102 luxury cars, 27 vehicles are bullet proof, getting each vehicle bullet proofed costs approximately 6 million. If you get the best quality, the cost can go up to 15 million each car, this is PM car auction for you guys!

There are 8 BMW’s, 28 Mercedes, 40 Toyota cars, 8 Suzuki vehicles, 2 Land Cruisers, 5 Mitsubishi, and 2 Jeeps on display for today’s auction.

PM Cars Auction Process

Every bidder has to submit 10 percent of the total amount of the vehicle they are bidding for. For example, a bidder is going to bid for a Corolla, which is priced at PKR 1,500,000 the bidder will have to pay 10 percent of this before the auction as a token of his willingness to make the purchase. The auction is in process in Islamabad.

The vehicles up for auction are high-end, lavish, expensive and luxurious. There are 8 BMW’s, 28 Mercedes, 40 Toyota cars, 8 Suzuki vehicles, 2 land cruisers, 5 Mitsubishi, and 2 jeeps on display for today’s auction.

The vehicles will go to the highest bidder.

Imran Khan Kept His Promise!

In his first addresses to the nation, as the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had emphasized on cutting government expenditure. He shared his plans on simplicity so that the hard earned money of Pakistani citizen’s remains safe and well used, in his first speech as Premiere, he announced the auction of surplus PM House vehicles as part of the cost-cutting and austerity initiative.

PM car auction
Courtesy: Pak Wheels

As per many sources, the government has sent out 33 vehicles in totality, out on auction advertisement to reduce public spending from the government’s side.

The sources further told us that the residual cars have been spared under control of the Cabinet so that they can be used to welcome foreign guests and visitors. In light of Imran Khan’s cost cutting initiative, he has faced extreme criticism and backlash for using the helicopter to commute. But even in the past, Imran Khan has tried to save money from the national treasury.

In line with his austerity measures, Imran Khan had a very simple oath-taking at the President House commonly known as Aiwan-e-sadar. The guests were served with tea and biscuits hence ridding the national exchequer from the unnecessary expenditure it goes through as every new tenure starts. Not just in terms of the events décor, food and preparation, Khan has decided to dress simple too, and led by example.

It is just these small changes that helped the national treasury save millions. It scares me to imagine how much money we could have saved if politicians just ate like normal people and each event didn’t have to bankrupt the national treasury. Like PTI loves to say “Tabdeeli agai hai”. This time, we all agree.

What Could Have Been Done By The Money Wasted To Buy These Cars?

The money used to buy these luxury cars could have saved so many hunger stricken children in Thar, it could have been used to build better government schools, or could have been used to solve the water crisis.

Here are 10 things that could have a useful alternate to buy these oh-so-expensive cars!

  1. Feed the hunger stricken children in Thar
  2. Donated to NGOs for welfare purpose
  3. Establish a school for disable person
  4. Improved the situation of the hospitals
  5. Installed proper instrument in hospitals so Pakistanis can have ideal treatment in their homeland
  6. Invested to deal with the severe water crisis in the country
  7. Distributed among the poor
  8. Organize the programs to educate the population
  9. Provide electricity to thousand of villages and remote area
  10. Provide roof to the less fortunate

Khan Sahab is leading by example, and it is about time that people realize that every penny counts. We need to use our money to help the nation prosper. PM car auction is a huge step in the direction and people are expecting nothing less from Imran Khan! His philanthropic nature is assisting him to provide relief to the population, whether it is PM car auction of 5 million houses project. Imran Khan is making the public hope for a better present and an ideal future!