PM Addressed in “His-Way” and Nation Felt Privileged

PM Imran Khan's address
PM Imran Khan's address

PM Speech that bored and thrilled. That’s Khan’s Way.

The address had to start at 8:00 PM but delayed till 9 PM. Meanwhile nation was expecting his appearance, he came with classic satire. Recitation followed by traditional announcement of PM, and there you go, it is Khan in simple outfit of white shalwar-kameez. At first, please do not be offended, I couldn’t comprehend whether it was a PM’s speech or a lecture on Pakistan Studies. But, that’s Khan for you – beyond expectations.

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation.
Courtesy: Prime Minister’s (PM) Office

As the speech proceeded, he enumerated serious issues and solutions. However, the solutions were limited but those that were ushered were thrilling. Let’s not judge the speech based on the statesman approach, let’s judge him as a person among you. Let’s call him today a PM of common people.

Main Highlights

Humble Start with Promising Gesture

The PM started off by acknowledging the hard work of his members, who couldn’t even see this victory and are no more alive. Not forgetting the people who sacrificed this time, he presented his humble tribute to them.

“I thank everyone who has been part of this movement with us. There is one politics that one does for personal interest, and one that is done for a greater cause.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Juxtaposition of Medina and Western Democracy

It was not a new idea from him, he has told and retold the same proposition in his several election campaigns and interviews. Inspired from the formulation of the Medina State back in the days of Holy Prophet peace be upon him as well as the developments in West, he made it clear to follow a mediocre way.

Without compromising on the Islamic foundation, he further asserted to strictly follow the principles of Justice and Equality to make Pakistan a true Islamic Republic Welfare state. He further mentioned the rulings of Khulfa-e-Rashideen and the state machinery under their supervision – the follow-up of Prophet’s teachings.

“Our purpose was to make Pakistan an Islamic Welfare State on the principles of justice and equality.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

The PM further added, “What was done when the Muslim world became the most developed society in the whole world? There were certain principles that were followed and today the entire successful world works on those.”

Taking about Western world, he said, “In the western world, the nations which have progressed, they have laws that those in power cannot use it for personal gain and businesses.”

Economical and Financial Crisis – Developing Country with Developed Country like Luxuries

However, the approach was limited and naïveté here. He did not disclose the policies that will shred the debts. The restating of the transformation of PM House into state-of-the-art university and withdrawal of luxuries and excessive staff serving to PM, he didn’t make clearer about the solutions. Overall, he truly acknowledged the problem, but this topic surely lacked the promising approach. Maybe, he left that to Asad Umar.

“Our debt went from 15000 billion to 28000 billion. We will do a complete audit on where this money went. On top of it, we will look into what level of interest we are paying on our loans.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

PM Imran Khan further added, “It is shameful that the PM house has 524 staff. It has 80 vehicles, 33 of them are bullet proof vehicles. There are helicopters and aircrafts. Then there are governor houses and CM houses.”

“Our commissioners and DC’s live in massive houses. On one side a nation is underprivileged; who can’t even spend on their people. On the other side ruling class lives like the colonialists even after we have become free.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Assurance of the Minimalism from Himself

His speech reflected the concept of minimalism “less is more” in the offices, so that public money is not wasted. And, he assured that he will start that simplicity and minimalism from him first.

“I’ll start with myself. Out of the 524 personnel serving, I’ll keep only two of them and only two cars, that too because of security reasons. I actually wanted to reside in Bani Gala to save all these expenses.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

System of Reward and Punishment

He reiterated the model of policing in KPK as an example of independent institution, which should be followed in across the country. Furthermore, he pointed out to the concept of “reward and punishment system” that should allow the NAB an encouragement and accountability at the same time. The recovery should be taken care of strictly to save the country from crisis.

“If we want to collect money. Out of 20 crore people, only 8 Lakh people give taxes. There are these people in big cars and homes who don’t pay taxes. The first thing I’m going to do is fix our FBR who people have no faith in to pay tax.”

He assured, “Our biggest issue today is that we don’t have money to keep up with our expenses. We are making a high-powered tax force to make sure we bring back the looted money to Pakistan.”

Speedy Processing of Pending Court Cases

“Solve in one year”, Khan’s agenda.

However, he acknowledges this fact but with deep-rooted sympathetic approach towards the suffering people. He mentioned to meet Chief Justice of Pakistan to devise a plan for that cause, as well as to enforce his team to send lawyers to the jails and check the situation of the people, especially those who cannot get bail due to inability to pay fines.

“I want to appeal to the Chief Justice that there are many widows whose land has been grabbed; they have been struggling for their cases for years, so I request for speedy justice and resolution for each one of them.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Children Rights and School Improvement

From malnutrition, child sexual-abuse, and terrible situation of street children to education and care, Khan covered all. However, he didn’t mention how everything will be resolved, except the school issue where he said to partner with private schools for improving the education quality. It is one of the plus points of speech, as he mentioned the children issue more than 4 times.

“Parents give the sacrifices because they want their children to get a good education. This is why we need to fix the government school system. In KP 150,000 children went back to government schools. We wish to do that on national scale.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Health Card Scheme

Health is always the sector of high priority for Khan, as he built the Shaukat Khanum Hospital even before he was in mainstream politics. Albeit he has already implemented the health card scheme in KPK, let’s see how it is going to be carried out nation-wide. If it will, undoubtedly, that will be a great privilege for the people.

“We will establish a complete task force to uplift the public healthcare facilities, government hospitals.” He added, “We will initiate the health card scheme across the country to help our poor in accessing health facility.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Water Crisis

It is one of the most critical issue of today in Pakistan, and Khan addressed that in a proper fashion. He promised the construction of Basha dam. However, again, he didn’t disclose a clear approach as to how it will be built and what plan will be utilized. Moreover, he plans to mechanize the irrigation system via modern technologies to save water. Let’s hope that what he said will be accomplished.

Improved Civil Sector

Civil sector has been in denial for years, which caused a real blow in the interaction between public and government, as well as caused a serious hinderance in the resolution of the issues. Recalling the status of this sector in past and near-to-demise in present, he promised to resurrect it as well.

“We will uplift our civil services in Pakistan. There was a time when our civil services were the most efficient in South Asia. We will fix the system and protect our officials’ rights too. “

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Execution of 100 Days Plan

The 100 days of plan that PM Imran Khan enforced in his election campaign, and everyone is keeping hopes high to see them fulfilled. Khan assured its execution as a top most priority. It includes several aspects that aims at improving the life style of people and development of human resource. However, the plan is not fully demonstrated, yet it is a vibrant hope and signal of prosperous Pakistan

Deliverance of Promised Facilities

From the corruption free Pakistan, improvement in business, reduction on tariffs, and encouragement for entrepreneurship to National Action Plan, defeating extremism, and eliminating terrorism, PM Imran Khan assured to deliver all without any compromise.

Cleanliness, as well as Resolution of Environment and Climate Problems

Since Pakistan has been facing huge problems in all these domains and it is a whistle-blowing situation that utmost requires the attention of the authorities. PM Imran Khan plans to resolve it via proper mechanism. What mechanism? It is not fully elaborated. However, one thing is sure, he will continue the plantation drive across the country. He didn’t forget the issue of Karachi – pollution and dirt – and aims to take expert advice to resolve the issue.

Baldia System and South Punjab Province

These are the two foremost agendas, for which PM Imran Khan earned votes from Karachi and South Punjab. It is important to note that he addressed them in the speech, since obviously, everyone was looking forward to hearing these points.

Strict Approach Against Corruption

PM Imran Khan as usual is up for working on to remove the element of corruption from the institutes and beyond. Therefore, he has taken the Ministry of Interior to keep a strong eye over to this problem and execution of removal strategy. He further plans to establish a task force to end this heinous crime.

“We are creating a task force to repatriate wealth looted from this country. We need to put an end to money laundering. It is our biggest problem right now.”

PM Imran Khan addressing the nation on 18th August, 2018

Overall, call him religious mullah for what he said in the starting sentences, compare him with Trump or taunt/mock him for his way of addressing the nation who elected him. There is one thing for sure that he touched the topics that are crucial today, even raising voice on them is applaudable. Like him or not, he is the PM and has his own-style.

He has made several promises, dreams, visions, and hopes, it’s time to see our PM turning them into a reality!